JBL Charge 5 Vs Charge 4: Which is Louder?

JBL Charge 5 Vs Charge 4, both are JBL’s Portable speakers but very expensive Bluetooth Speakers.

JBL is the most popular brand in the world and everyone is crazy about its sound quality & bass.

But if JBL Charge 4 Vs JBL Charge 5 is compared, then which one is better & loud?

and which JBL speaker should we you buy?

We will do a complete analysis of JBL charge 4 vs charge 5 and tell you which can be a better option for you.

JBL charge 4 vs Charge 5 Comparison

jBL charge 5 vs charge 4 Full Company Claim Specs Comparison

JBL Charge 4JBL Charge 5
JBL Charge 4JBL Charge 5
Audio SpecificationsAudio Specifications
Output power (W)Output power (W)
Signal-to-noise ratioSignal-to-noise ratio
Frequency responseFrequency response
Battery SpecsBattery Specs
 playing time (hrs) playing time (hrs)
Charging TypeCharging Type
Charging time (hrs)Charging time (hrs)
Control and ConnectionControl and Connection
Bluetooth versionBluetooth version
10 Meter10 Meter
3.5 Audio Jack3.5 Audio Jack
JBL Connect+JBL Connect+
Other FeatureOther Feature
WaterproofWater & Dust Proof
Power BankPower Bank
PriceView on Amazon

JBL Charge 4 Review

JBL Charge 4 is a portable speaker that comes with premium plastic durable fabric and a rugged design.

JBL’s branding and Battery Indicator are seen in its front, How much battery is left in JBL Charge 4, you can check out from this battery indicator light

JBL Charge 5 Vs Charge 4

on the back side, the company has given all the ports like Type-c charging, USB port, and Aux cable, but with the help of the USB port in JBL Charge 4, you cannot play music, it can be used to charge other gadgets like a power bank.

JBL Charge 4 comes with IPX7 Waterproof, due to which some water accidentally goes into it, then the chances of it getting damaged are negligible.

In JBL Charge 4, the company has given a 30-watt speaker, along with two 2.5 Inch radiators, which delivered very excellent bass.

every vocal and instrument is heard crystal clear, Whether you listen to music at full volume, there is no distribution with a loud sound.

In this, the company has given 750mAh battery which comes with Type-C fast charging support.

The company claims that its battery lasts for 20 hours, but we found in research that if you run it at 70 percent volume, it gives a decent playtime.

It has Bluetooth 4.2 old version for connectivity, along with Aux, you can play music with an aux cable but cannot play music by connecting a USB, the USB port can be used to charge Gadget like a power bank.

JBL Charge 4 Pros & Cons

JBL Charge 5 Review

JBL Charge 5 REview

JBL Charge 4 and JBL charge 5 are similar in appearance and the built quality is also similar, plastic and fabric have been used in both speakers.

Battery indicator four dot lighting is seen in JBL charge 4 while line light has been given in JBL Charge 5.

Now look at the port, both have type-c charging support and a USB power bank, but JBL charge 5 does not have an Aux Input cable port but the aux port available in Charge 4.

JBL charge 4 comes with IPX7 waterproof while JBL charge 5 comes with IP67 waterproof and dustproof it’s better compared to JBL Charge 4.

Now JBL Charge 4 and Charge 5 single speakers have been given, so in both mono sound quality is heard, not stereo sound.

In JBL Charge 5, the company has given 40 Watt speaker, which means that Charge 5 produces more loud sounds than charge 4.

If we talk about bass, treble, and sound clarity, then a much better performance is heard in bass JBL 5.

JBL Charge 5 has a 750mAh battery and Type-C charging support as seen in JBL charge 4.

But there is a lot of difference in Bluetooth, in which JBL charge 4 has Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity while JBL charge 5 has the 5.2 latest version & better connectivity.

JBL Charge 5 Pros & Cons

Conclusion: Should I buy JBL Charge 4 or JBL Charge 5

JBL charge 4 prices in India around 2000 rs less than JBL charges 5, so the price of JBL charges a little bit high.

Stable connectivity is also available with Bluetooth 5.2 latest version in JBL charge 5 and IP67 protects it from water & dust also.

There is no doubt in JBL charge 5 come with 40 watts sound speaker the sound and bass are better than charge 4.

But JBL 5 does not have an in-built mic and aux connectivity, but JBL charge 4 has these facilities.

JBL Charge 5 is a better option if you leave aux and an in-built mic.

If after spending a little more you get an updated speaker with loud sound and stable connectivity, durable and built quality then you should check out JBL charge 5 only.

Frequency Asked Questions

Q1.Is JBL charge 5 stereo or mono?

Ans.JBL charge comes with a single speaker so it has mono sound.

Q2.Is JBL charge 4 or 5 better?

Ans.JBL charges the updated speaker with 40 watts, Bluetooth 5.2 & ip67 dust & waterproof so JBL charges better than Jbl charge 4

Q3.Is JBL charge 4 or Charge 4 both Waterproof?

Ans.Yes JBL charge 4 or JBL charge 5 both waterproof Bluetooth speakers.

Q4.Is the JBL 5 louder than the JBL 4?

Ans.Yes. JBL charge 5 has a 40w speaker & JBL charge 4 has a 30w speaker so JBL Charge 5 is louder than JBL charge 4.