Simple Steps You can change Group name in WhatsApp

How to Change WhatsApp Group Name on Android Phone

WhatsApp is the most popular social media platform used worldwide, It is used by people for office work, friendship, and society work as a group. There are conversations among people forming groups by various organizations, which happen through these WhatsApp groups. But sometimes we need to change the WhatsApp group name, That’s why we are … Read more

Why is iPhone so expensive in india [Explain]

Why-is-iPhone-so- expensive-in-india

Why is iPhones so expensive in India or all apple products are expensive in India, Europe, and other countries? Today in this article, we will explain to you, the main reasons why Apple products or iphone is expensive in India. Samsung & Oppo Brand mobile are in the market before the iPhone and iPhone has … Read more

How to take Screen Shots in Samsung M31, A30, A30s

How to take screen shot on most Android Phones

How to take screen shots in a Samsung M31 or A30s etc mobile phone? Is you want to know that? If yes then I will tell you all the ways by which you can take screenshots on any mobile models of Samsung like M31, A50, A30, J2 etc. Mobile Screenshots are helpful when we cannot … Read more