JBL C50hi vs C100Si, Which is Better Earphone?

jBL c50hi vs c100Si Which is best? or Which JBL earphone should you buy?

If compare the specification & price of both wired earphones, which one should you buy?

JBL C50hi vs C100Si

What is the difference between JBL c50hi vs JBLc100si and which is the better-wired earphone according to the price & features?

We have compared the specification of both the earphones for you in this article.

So that you can know the difference between which is the best JBL earphones with mic and choose the right earphone.

So let’s know what are the differences between the features of these earphones?

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JBL c50hi vs C100Si Specification

JBL c50hiJBL C100Si
Headphone TypeHeadphone Type
Driver SizeDriver Size
8.6 MM9 MM
Sound TypeSound Type
BassExtra Bass
 Impedance Impedance
30 ohm16 ohm
YesYes [HD]
Noise IsolationNoise Isolation
Tangle FreeTangle Free
3.5 MM [Silver]3.5 MM [Gold]
1.20 meter1.20 meter
control buttonControl button
Yes [Single]Yes [Single]
Google AssistantGoogle Assistant
Eartips SizeEartips Size
S, M, LS, M, L
Color AvailableColor Available
View on AmazonView on Amazon

Design Comparison

JBL c100si vs JBL C50hi there is a lot of difference in the design, JBL c50hi has been given JBL branding in both earbuds.

its wired has been 1.2 meters given which looking a normal wire. In this, a plain in-line mic and button have been seen.

In this, the jack is given in L-Shape type which is silver coated such that the jack can be rotated 360.

These earphones are available in three colors which are blue, black, and red, all earphone come in shining colors.

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JBL C100SI wired earphone has JBL branding in silver color in both the buds, which is seen in black color with premium design.

Wired quality in JBL C100SI is slightly better than JBL C50HI but JBL C100SI has given simple jack whereas JBL C50HI comes with an L-shape type jack which is the biggest drawback of JBL C100SI in this price.

In C100SI has an In-line mic and buttons, also seen in JBL branding in it also which look decent.

JBL C100SI wired earphone is also available in three colors which are black white and red.

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Sound & Mic Quality

The JBL c50hi earphones come with 8.6 MM drivers that deliver decent sound and bass in them which is called a balanced sound quality.

JBL C100SI has given a 9MM driver which little bit big to c50hi, whose sound quality is slightly better and you also get extra bass in it compared to JBL c50hi.

Which mic is better JBL c50hi or JBL C100Si?

Which mic is better JBL c50hi vs JBL C100Si both have the same calling quality, both microphones come with Noise Isolation Microphone, both also get Voice assistant support.

Built Quality Comparison

Comparing the built quality of JBL c50hi vs JBL C100Si earphones, then JBL C100Si is better but does not have an L-shape jack but JBL c50hi has an L-shape jack

JBL earphone wire is not the tangle-free cable in both of the earphones which are quite disappointing at this price. Which is the biggest weakness for quality and durability in both earphones at this price range.

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JBL c50hi Pros & Cons

JBL c50hi Pros & Cons


  • Sound & Bass quality decent
  • Fit in Ear & Comfort
  • Value for money as a brand


  • Built quality not upto mark
  • Calling experience not good

JBL C100Si Pros & Cons

JBL C100Si Pros & Cons


  • Sound quality average
  • Comfort with fitting
  • microfphone ok


  • Built quality not enough
  • Pricing high compared other

Conclusion & Vedict

JBL c50hi has a very good balanced sound quality with a mic that is the best JBL c50hi price under 500 rupees.

JBL c100si has a little bit of good sound and extra bass & built quality is also good compared to JBL c50hi. JBL c100si price is 650 rupees in Indian market which little bit high compare to c50s1 earphones

The quality and design of the JBL c50hi are like a normal earphone but the JBL c100si earphones look premium in appearance, but the built-in quality is also a little better.

We have compared the feature and quality of both in this article, you can make the right choice according to your needs.

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