Which is better JBL C100SI Vs C200SI? [Comperison]

we have compared JBL C50hi vs JBL C100Si, in this article we are going to compare JBL C100SI Vs C200SI.

JBL C100SI is a very good wired earphone that is the best-selling earphone on amazon. (JBL wave 100 vs JBL wave 200)

JBL C100SI Vs C200SI

JBL C200SI is an updated version of JBL C100SI which JBL has recently launched.

But in this article, we have done a complete analysis of what are the main differences between JBL C100SI Vs C200SI.

So that our visitors can get the right information and can choose the right Wired earphone.

So, let’s start,

Deep Comparison In JBL C100SI Vs C200SI

Release InRelease In
1 Jan 201718 June 2018
Driver SizeDriver Size
Deep BassPowerful Bass
16±3.2 ohms16±3.2 ohms
100±3dBSPL, 1mW100±3dBSPL, 1mW
Wire LengthWire Length
1.2 M 1.2M
3.5MM Jack3.5MM Jack
In-built MicIn-built Mic
Google AssistantGoogle Assistant
Ear TipsEar Tips
Yes [S, M, L]Yes [S, M, L]
Android &iosAndroid &ios

Built Quality: JBL C100SI Vs C200SI

the built quality of JBL C100SI Vs JBL C200SI, there is not much difference in both wired earphones, 1.2-meter cable and 3.5 MM jack have been given in same quality.

But when we look at the quality of the microphone, then we find the JBL C200SI’s built-in quality a little weaker than the JBL C100SI, its control button also seems quite uncomfortable.

Sound Quality: JBL C100SI Vs C200SI

JBL C100SI Vs C200SI has In-built a 9 MM driver which delivers much better sound.

But when you compare bass, then powerful bass can be heard in JBL C200SI as compared to JBL C100SI.

The noise-canceling average can be heard in both, only a 19-20 phlegm difference can be said.

If you are a bass lover then JBL C200SI can be a good option for you.

Pricing: JBL C100SI Vs JBL C200SI

If we look at the price of JBL C100SI Vs JBL C200SI, then there is a huge difference.

The price of JBL C100SI is around 649 and the price of JBL C200SI is seen to be 799 which is a lot of difference according to specs & quality.

According to me, the price of the JBL C200SI should have been a little less if I compare the feature and specifications of both the earphones.

Verdict: JBL C100SI Vs JBL C200SI

JBL C100SI Vs JBL C200SI wired earphone is much better, these are the most selling earphones on Amazon India.

If you are confused between these two earphones, which one to buy, then you should buy them keeping in mind your budget and requirement.

If you want better microphone quality with very good bass and your budget is very good then you should definitely check out JBL C200SI.

Otherwise, you must check out the JBL C100SI which is capable of producing decent sound and bass.

The price of JBL C100SI is quite right as per the specs and JBL C200SI is a bit expensive.

Frequency Asked Questions

Q1.Will JBL c100si work on vivo v5?

Ans. Yes JBL C100SI Works with Vivo v5 or which mobile has an in-build 3.5 mm jack for connectivity.

Q2.What is the Warranty Period of JBL earphones?

Ans. JBL C100SI or C200SI both come with a 1-Year Warranty or 7-days replacement on Amazon.

Q3.What is the size of ear tips that come with JBL Earphones?

Ans.JBL both earphones come with extra ear tips these sizes S, M, L, etc.

Q4.Is the JBL earphone Compatible with Android or ios?

Ans. Yes, both earphones is compatible with android or ios mobile phone