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Best Smartphone Under 40000 5G in 2022

Best Smartphone Under 40000 5G

If you are looking best smartphone under 40000 5g mobile then we will tell you a list of the best mobile phones under 40000. In this article, we have made a list of the best smartphones under 40000 5g which is a much better option at this price. Most of the brand’s smartphones have been … Read more

7 Reason Why iPhone So Expensive in India & Other Country

why iphone so expensive in india

why are iPhones so expensive in India & why apple products are more expensive in Europe, other countries. Today in this article, we will tell you these reasons why iPhone become so expensive in many countries like Brazil, Nigeria & India also. Samsung & Oppo Brand are in the market before the iPhone and iPhone … Read more

Best Mobile Phone Under 10000 With Big Battery Life


If you are thinking of buying a better smartphone on Amazon at a price of around 10000, then these three best mobile phone under 10000 with big battery life. The smartphone given below can be a much better option for you, which has very good specifications like 48 megapixels camera and 6000 mAh battery and … Read more

How to charge Smartphone Battery first time or ever

How to charge Smartphone Battery first time

If you have a new smartphone and want to know How to charge Smartphone Battery the first time or every, then this article will help you. because we are going to tell you 10 tips for how to charge android phones & new smartphones in this article. Mobile cannot be used without a battery, The … Read more