BoAt Stone 350 vs Portronics Sound Drum Review

Which should I buy? boat stone 350 vs Portronics sound drum Bluetooth speaker, Which of them is a better speaker in both?

boAt Stone 350 vs Portronics Sound Drum

Are you confused about which one should you buy? To clear up your confusion, we have a comparison of both Bluetooth speakers in detail.

By reading this article, it will be easy for you to decide between boat stone 350 vs Portronics sound drum, which brands Bluetooth you should buy.

In this article, we have analyzed the main specs of both these Bluetooth speakers along with the price.

Without wasting time let’s know which is a better option for you than boat stone 350 vs portronics sound drum.

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Specification: Portronics Sound Drum vs Boat stone 350

SpecsBoAt Stone 350Portronics Sound Drum
Sound Output10 Watt10Watt
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.0Bluetooth 4.2
Bluetooth range10 meterN/A
IPX RatingIPX7[water Reg.]IPX6 [Splash Reg.]
In-built micYesYes
Battery IndicatorYesNo
Battery2200mAh [12 hours]1800mAh [7 hours]
Charging time1.5 hour2 hour
Multifunction buttonYesYes
ColorBlack, blue, redBlack, blue, gray
PriceView on FlipkartView on Amazon

Boat Stone 350 vs Portronics Sound Drum

Design & Built Quality

 Portronics Sound Drum  vs boAt Stone 350

Boat Stone 350 vs Portronics sound drum Both come with a compact and lightweight cylinder design.

Plastic and rubber materials have been used in making both speakers look quite sturdy, The physical control buttons are visible on both front, and the aux cable and the charging port are covered with rubber which is not seen.

The LED in the Portronics SoundDrum is given under the rubber which is covered and the battery indicator is not given in this speaker, Whereas both the LED & Battery Indicator are given in the boAt stone 350 as outside which is easy to see.

The speaker design is much better in both the speakers, which are capable of providing the sound at 180 degrees. This allows the sound to be heard equally on all sides.

If you talk about color, then you get three color options in both, but black red blue color has been given in BoAt Stone while black blue and gray colors are seen in Portronics SoundDrum.

Battery Life & Connectivity

If look at the battery life of both Bluetooth speakers, then the company has given a 2200mAh battery in boAt Stone 350 which the company claims 12 hours of battery life. But its battery can give you around 8 to 10 hours of playtime which is much better.

Now looking at Portronics SoundDrum, the company has given a 1800mAh battery in it, which the company claims of 6-7 hours of playtime. which can be said to be correct if check out the battery life.

The boAt Stone 350 or Portronics SoundDrum Bluetooth speaker has only micro USB charging support, these ports are not visible outside which is quite good.

Now when comes to connectivity, both wired and wireless connectivity have been given in both speakers, But the Portronics SoundDrum has Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity while the boat stone 350 has Bluetooth 5.0 which gives better connectivity than the Portronics sound drum.

Both speakers also have an aux cable so that you can connect them by wire as well.

Sound & Bass Quality

The most important speaker has sound quality, if comparing both speakers then boAt stone 350 has a speaker of 10 watts, and Portronics SoundDrum also has two speakers of 5 Watts which gives a total of 10 watts output sound.

We are telling what we felt after listening to sound & internet research then we are saying that,

Portronics SoundDrum has decent sound quality if you listen to music in it every single bit or voice is clear it’s no doubt, If you want bass sound then this speaker can disappoint you, bass quality is less in it.

If we at about the sound of boAt stone 350, then you get to hear decent bass along with better sound, which is a very good combination of both at this price.

The sound quality of both Bluetooth speakers is better if you ignore the bass if you need bass you definitely go with boat stone 350.

Another Feature comparison

The major difference that can be seen between these two Bluetooth speakers is that the boat stone 350 does not have a USB port, but you can install a microSD card in it. but Portronics sound drum is an inbuilt USB port also given.

boAt stone 350 has been given IPX7 which is given Splash & Water Resistance while the portronics sound drum has been given IPX6 Splashproof rating only.

Portronics Sound Drum

Just like for

  • Crystle clear sound.
  • Built Quality.
  • all port cover.
  • USB port is available.

Just not life for

  • Average Bass
  • connectivity range issue
  • Battery indicator

boAt Stone 350

Just like for

  • Best Sound decent bass.
  • decent connectivity.
  • Built Quality & Color option.
  • IPX7 Water Proof

Just not like for

  • UBS Port Missing.
  • Not Type-C charger

Prices & Availability

The Portronics sound drum price is given around Rs.1600 which you can buy from both Amazon and Flipkart marketplace

whereas talking boAt stone 350, it is available only on Flipkart and costs around Rs. 1500 you can check out both speakers on its official website also.


If you compare these two speakers, then boAt Stone 350 is a very good option because, it comes with good sound, a long battery, and stable connectivity, it is available at a lower price than Portronics SoundDrum.

The only USB port is not mentioned in this, if you ignore it then boAt Stone 350 is a very good option.