JBL Go 2 Vs JBL Go 3 Which is Better? Review & Comparision

JBL Go 2 Vs JBL Go 3 Which speaker has loud sound quality? JBL Go 3 is worth it if Compared to JBL Go 2?

What is the difference between JBL Go 2 vs Go 3 Bluetooth speakers and which is the best speaker at the price?


We will compare both JBL speakers in this article, review them, and analyze which is the best speaker in both.

so, let’s know which is best JBL Go 2 or JBL Go 3.

JBL Go 2 Vs JBL Go 3 Comparison

JBL go 2 vs JBL go 3 Specs

JBL Go 2JBL Go 3
jbl go 2jbl go 3
Output power (W)Output power (W)
frequency responsefrequency response
180Hz – 20kHz110 Hz – 20 kHz
playing time (hrs)playing time (hrs)
Charging TypeCharging Type
Micro USBType-C
Charging time (hrs)Charging time (hrs)
2.5 (hrs)2.5(hrs)
Bluetooth versionBluetooth version
3.5 mm Jack3.5 mm Jack
In-built MicIn-built Mic
Noise CancellingNoise Cancelling
Dimensions (in)Dimensions (in)
3.4 x 2.8 x 1.33.4 x 2.7 x 1.6
Weight (kgs)Weight (kgs)
Country of originCountry of origin
View on AmazonView on Amazon

Built Quality & Design

JBL Go 2 Compact and Lightweight Bluetooth speaker, JBL go 2 front speaker part body is made of metal & both side JBL branding is given.

Charging and aux ports are given on their right side, on the upper section under the layer control button has given in it.

In this, due to the button under the layer being very small, the control buttons are not pressed smoothly.

JBL Go 2 comes with an IPX7 Waterproof design so that you can enjoy music even in the bathroom and raining weather.

JBL Go 3 also comes with a lightweight and compact design just like JBL Go 2, But JBL Go 3 come with a fabric design and a loop is also seen.

Its fabric design makes it sturdy and unique in appearance, With the help of a loop, you can easily carry it and hang it on the wall.

The panel buttons are raised in this speaker so that you can easily control the music, the type-c port is also on the right side, but the aux port is not given in this speaker.

JBL Go 3 P67 comes water-resistant and dust-resistant, you can enjoy music in any water place.

Battery & Charging support

In JBL Go 2 and JBL Go 3 speakers, the company claims 5 hours of playtime, but it’s not enough but it is decent.

If compared to battery life in JBL Go 2 vs JBL Go 3 then JBL Go 2 has slightly more battery life than JBL Go 3.

Micro USB charging support is available in JBL Go 2 and Type-C charging support is available in JBL Go 3.

The company claims 2.5 hours of charging time for both speakers.

Connectivity & Port

If we look at Bluetooth connectivity, then JBL Go 2 has Bluetooth version 4.1 and JBL Go 3 has the latest Bluetooth version 5.1.

Due to having Bluetooth 5.1 in JBL Go 3, better stable connectivity is seen as compared to JBL Go 2.

In-built microphone and Aux cable connectivity are also available in JBL Go 2, which are not seen in JBL Go 3.

Sound Quality & Bass

Sound Quality & Bass

Now it comes to sound & bass quality which is better if compared to JBL Go 2 or JBL Go 3.

As the company has given 3 Watt speaker in JBL Go 2 and a 4.2-watt speaker is available in JBL Go 3.

It is clear that JBL Go 3 has loud sound and bass as compared to JBL Go 2.

When we listened to the sound of JBL 2, it has a balanced sound it produces a crystal clear vocal & instrument sound as the JBL Go 3.

There is a high bass and loudness in JBL Go 3 but JBL Go has nothing bass quality these two Bluetooth speakers if you are looking for bass & loud sound then JBL Go 3 is a better option.

otherwise, for balanced crystal clear sounds, you can choose JBL Go 2.

JBL Go 3 Pros & Cons

JBL Go 2 Pros & Cons

Verdict: Which is better JBL go 2 or JBL go 3?

There is no doubt that the sound and bass quality of the JBL Go 3 is much better than JBL 2, JBL Go 3 also has better-built quality and design.

But JBL Go 2 has decent built quality with a balanced sound with extra features and connectivity.

The biggest difference between the JBL 2 and JBL 3 is that JBL Go 2 has an In-built mic and Aux cable connectivity whereas JBL Go 3 in-built mic and aux port are not provided.

Now comparing both with the price, JBL Go 2 and JBL Go 3 are worth the price.

If you have enough money and are fond of the latest & trading gadgets, then you can go with JBL Go 3, otherwise, JBL Go 2 is a decent option for you with excellent features.

Frequency Asked Question

Q1.Can I use my JBL Go 2 while charging?

Ans.Yes, You can use JBLGo while charging its not affect battery backup.

Q2.Does JBL Go2 have Mic?

Ans.Yes JBL Go 2 have an inbuilt mic with Noise cancelling you can use this speaker for calling

Q3.Can you answer calls on JBL go 3?

Ans.No JBL Go3 does not have a microphone for calling.

Q4.which is better JBL go 2 or JBL go 3?

Ans.JBL Go 2 balanced sound & JBL come with loud sound bass quality.