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How to know if your Andriod phone is Fake or Original

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How to check mobile is fake or original? Whenever we buy a new smartphone?

Whenever we buy a new smartphone, then only we pay attention to the mobile specification and brand.

But mobile brands and specifications do not tell us that mobiles are original,

Therefore, whenever you buy a new mobile or buy a used or old mobile, then you need to pay attention to some important points when you buy a used or old mobile.

fake or original

Whenever you buy a mobile from an authorized seller or official website like Amazon Flipkart, then the chances of mobile fake being are very less.

But when we buy mobile from unauthorized sellers or websites then it is important for us to pay attention.

Keeping this point in mind, we are going to tell you some tips, the customers of the mobile should be aware and buy the original mobile for themselves wisely.

So let’s know what are the points to keep in mind while buying a mobile so that you buy the original mobile phone only.

8 Way to check smartphone is Fake or Original?

You can buy mobile new or old, but the mobile should be original so that, you get the original mobile at the right price. For this, read the information given below and choose the right and original mobile.

Brand Name & Logo

First of all, you have to check the brand name and logo of the mobile carefully, Because there is a lot of difference between the brand name and logo of fake mobile or original mobile.

Fake mobile manufacture never uses the original name and logo so that you easily find the mobile is original or fake.

Warranty & Invoice

Whenever you buy a mobile, the shopkeeper will give you the original bill, in which the name of the shop and GST number, and mobile model along with the IEMI number are also written.

But this data is not mentioned while buying a fake mobile if talking about the warranty original mobile gives you at least one year warranty but fake mobile gives you a short or few-month warranty.

Compare Specification

Before buying a new smartphone, you should do complete research on the particular model:-specification, theme, operating system, and hardware of that mobile from the internet.

Because fake mobile never uses the same specification, theme, and hardware as the original mobile so that you can know whether the mobile is original or fake.

Check Charger & Battery

Before buying a mobile, you must check the battery and charger of that particular mobile brand, the charger and battery quality of branded mobile is much better than a fake smartphone.

For this, you can see the official website of that brand whether the battery of that mobile is removable or non-removal.

And also pay attention to the power of the battery and charger, how many watts are the charger and battery of that mobile on the official website.

If both the batteries are of good quality with the same hardware then this mobile can be original.

Different in Appearance

Whenever you buy a mobile, the mobile phone should be seen from every angle because there is a lot of difference between the fake mobile and the original mobile.

there is a difference in the position of the logo, the ratio rate of the display with the button position, which you can compare with the original mobile.

you can check out the official site for the particular brand how to look & design the original mobile then compared both.

Check IMEI Number

Each mobile has its own unique IMEI number which is also shown in the bill, you can also know through this number whether your mobile is original or duplicate.

For this, you have to dial *#06# on your mobile, then you will see the IMEI number on a mobile screen,

you have to match the IMEI number of your bill with the IMEI number visible on the screen, if the match happens then you can be mobile original.

Varify IMEI Number on Website

It is not that if the IMEI number matches, then it is the original mobile, for this you can verify your mobile IMEI number official website.

If the IMEI number of your mobile is verified on the official website then it is believed that your maybe mobile is original.

But this facility is not present on the website of all the brands, yet you can check out on the website of the brand whose mobile you are buying.

Considering the above tips, if you buy a mobile of any brand for yourself, then that mobile can prove to be original, you should buy any product before doing full research and becoming aware as a customer while buying mobile.

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Frequency Asked Questions

Q.The Big billion days mobile phones are real or fake?

Ans. Yes, these are all real mobile Flipkart give discount on particular mobile you can buy it from authority seller on Flipkart.

Q.How to Check my Mobile IMEI Number?

Ans. Dial *#06# on your mobile phone then your mobile IMEI Number is visible on your mobile screen.

Q.Why IMEI and serial numbers change after flashing an Android phone?

Ans. Yes, it may be changed after flashing an android phone.

Q.Where can I buy the original charger and battery?

Ans. You can buy the original charger and battery from their official website or near the service center near you that brand.

Today everyone uses a smartphone and people always want to buy a trending phone, but never buy a fake mobile by mistake, for this, you should do a thorough investigation before buying a mobile phone, for this, we have told some tips in this article that will help you know that how to Check mobile fake or original

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