Which mixer Grinder is Best in india [Buying Guide]

Do you want to buy a mixer grinder but don’t know which mixer grinder is best in india according their feature?

So we are here to give you complete information so that you can buy the right mixer grinder for you, which is best mixer grinder in india.

Which mixer Grinder is Best in india

Mixer Grinder is an important appliance of the kitchen which is available in all the kitchen, it cannot be denied.

Because in this, we have to grind many types of ingredients, which include both hard and soft ingredients, etc.

In this, we also make juice and chutney which are prepared at home in minimum time.

The advantages of a mixer are many, but which is best mixer grinder? how can we choose right mixer? which features keep in our mind for choosing the best mixer grinder with a juicer.

Read the complete Which mixer Grinder is Best in india Buying guide.

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1.Types of Mixer Grinder

Stand Mixer Grinder

Stand Mixer Grinder is used in the domestic kitchen which only grinds the ingredients used in the house that too in less quantity, this mixer grinder is best for the home kitchen.

Traditional Mixers Grinder

Traditional mixers are used for trade only, in which a large number of ingredients can be ground with the help of a traditional mixer grinder.

In this article, we will only know about Stand Mixer Grinder which is used in home kitchens.

2.Number of Jar/Size

Mixer Grinder is made of two components mixer and jar. if talking about the jar these are available in the market in different quantities and sizes.

you should choose a mixer with more jars which should be included in the chutney jar, juicer jar, and dry jar, wet jar also, the size of the jar you can select according to how much quantity of chutney or spices you have to grind.

3.Motor Power

Mixer grinder motor is the most important thing while buying the best Mixer Grinder. It means a more powerful motor in the mixer grinder, that is called best the mixer grinder it can grid hard ingredient easily.

If we say, how many watts mixer grinder is good for home, then the 500 to 750 watts is sufficient for kitchen use you can buy more motor power mixer grinders.

If you choose a mixer grinder 750 watts it means much better for you that is the main key when you buy a mixer grinder.

4.Blade Running Speed Or RPM

RPM Full form is rotated per minute its means how many times the blades of the jar rotate in a minute, which we call RPM in technical language.

If we talk about the best RPM for a home kitchen mixer grinder, then it should be 18000 to 23000 RPM is much enough for Kitchen Mixer Grinder,

Much RPM means the best performance mixer grinder that grinds easily and much fast.

5.Safety & Overload Protection

It is very important to have a safety and overload protection feature in Mixer Grinder which is not available in some mixers which cost is low.

All power cables used in the mixer must be fitted with safety guidelines. Overload protected means that when we run the mixer with an overfill jar.

then the mixer grinder switches off automatically this feature can protect the motor mixer from getting damaged & short circuits so keep in mind that feature when you buy a mixer grinder.

6.Material & Design

Mixer Grinder design and material play a very important role when you choose best mixer grinder.

you should only buy a mixer grinder made of ABS plastic or food-grade plastic because the mixer grinder is made of this plastic is more durable.

I talk about Design, Shaped, and Color then you can select according to your choice.

7. Type of Blade

There are four types of blades used in Mixer Grinder 1. Chutney grinding blade 2. Dry grinding blade 3. Wet grinding blade 4. Wet dry grinding blade for a juicer.

these blades can be made of aluminum, titanium, and stainless steel, you have to choose only a mixer grinder those blades are made of stainless steel.

because they are durable and their performance is also very good compared to other materials.

8.Spare parts Availability

There may be some faults in the mixer grinder after using it or sometime after. just like a jar or blade or the mixer gets damaged.

then we need that spare parts or components, you can choose any mixer brand like Bajaj, mixer grinder Preethi or etc brand, but the mixer grinder service center is available near you or the spare parts of that mixer grinder can be available in the market easily.

9.Warranty & Guarantee

Warranty is available in all Mixer Grinder No Doubt, but mixers have separate warranty or motors are separate.

So, you must buy a mixer grinder which comes with much motor warranty because the motor is the most expensive in a mixer grinder,

its warranty we can say warranty of the full mixer grinder, you should choose a mixer grinder with more warranty in your budget.

10.Price & Budget

Everyone has their own budget and everyone invests in the product accordingly to their budget & price,

so you should try to cover most of the above mixer grinder buying guide points in your budget and choose the best mixer grinder for yourself.

All above the tips and guides will help you Which mixer Grinder is Best in india with juicer and it will be some help for you.


Mixer Grinder is useful for everyone whether you are a child, a student, or a housewife. Because with this we can do kitchen work quickly and easily and mixer grinder is useful in many other works.

But it is most important that Which mixer Grinder is Best in india in this topic we have given information on how to choose best right mixer grinder.

I hope that the information given by us will help you in buying the best & right mixer grinder.

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Frequency Asked Question

Q.how many watts mixer grinder is good for home?

Ans. For home use, the motor power of mixer grinder should be around 500 to 750 watts.

Q.Is the ABS mixer grinder jar strong compared to the stainless steel jar?

Ans.No ABS is Plastic and Stainless Steel is a metal than plastic not strong compared to metal.

Q.Why Preethi 750 steal mixer grinder make noise too much?

Ans. All Mixer Grinder make noise between 80 and 90 decibels (dB) it’s normal. but you fill hard ingredients or in big sizes then it may make too much noise.

Q.Can I use a Mixer grinder for 30 minutes continuously?

Ans. No, If you run a mixer grinder for 30 minutes then you can run it for 2 minutes and 2 minutes off you can run a mixer grinder at this process.

Q.Is it normal to first-time use burn smell in mixer grinder?

Ans. Yes, a first-time mixer grinder burn smell is normal when it’s new .

Q.Which Type of cloth is best for cleaning Mixer as steel plastic Appliance

Ans. Orth Microfiber Cleaning Cloth best way to clean mixer grinder & home Apliance