How long can you use your phone as a hotspot?

You want to know How long can you use your phone as a hotspot?, Am I right?

So let me share with you my experience, how long I use the phone as Hotspot with my PC or another Android Phone.

How long can you use your phone as a hotspot

I do blogging along with online selling, on which I need a lot of internet, so I use Phone Hotspot on both my personal computer and smartphone.

So let me tell you my experience that How long can I use my phone as a hotspot?

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How long can you use your phone as a hotspot?

Now let me tell you how long I have used my mobile phone as a hotspot, My mobile phone’s hotspot runs for about five hours a day, and too, without interruption.

This neither heats up my phone nor drains the battery unnecessarily.

I have to do many things on the internet, including online website blogging, for which I have to run the internet on my computer.

I do not have a monthly broadband connection. I do all the work from the hotspot on my mobile phone, which saves my internet expenses.

A Hotspot facility is not available on my PC. For this, I use a USB Wi-Fi Receiver Upto 950 Mbps Wireless Network Card Adapter Wi-Fi Dongle.

Yes, you can also use the hotpot of other mobile phones in your mobile for almost a long time.

If you want to run Hotspot on your PC from your mobile phone, then you can buy a Wi-Fi Hotspot Receiver donggle, information about which is given below.

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SWAPKART USB WiFi Receiver Dongle for PC & laptop


  • Wifi 1000 MBPS Standard: IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11b, CSMA/CA with ACK, ED Indicator: Status, Transmit Power: 20dBm
  • Frequency Range:2.4GHz-2.4835GHz, Interface: USB2.0, Channel: 13, Spread Spectrum: DSSS,
  • Supports wireless roaming technology for high-efficient wireless connections.
  • ideal for internet surfing and on-line gaming. Complies with IEEE 802.11n (Draft 2.0), IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11b standards
  • 600mbps 802.11n USB connector, with 1 years manufacturer warranty on manufacturing defects only
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In this article, we have shared our experience as to how long you can use the Hotspot of your mobile phone.

You can also use your mobile phone’s internet on your personal computer.

You can save on your monthly broadband expenses.

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