How to Trace Email Sender Location in Gmail by IP Address

The biggest problem in email is that the location of the sender of the email is not written in it.

Now How to trace location by email by the use of the sender’s email, So we can save ourselves from many types of email unwanted emails or fraud.

If you get an email in which reward or abuse is used and you want to find out its location, you can find the location.

In this article, how can we trace location by email ID and how to block unwanted emails so that we can avoid many email notifications and the problem caused by them.

Read this article completely and know how you can trace location from Email ID.

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[Simple Method] How to Trace Email Sender Location in Gmail by Ip Address

In this, we are going to tell you how to find the location of the incoming email in Gmail because most of the people in the world use the Gmail service.

For this, you have to work in two parts.
1. Find the IP Address in Particular Gmail.
2. Seach Location By IP Adress

First of all, we have to find the Ip Address of a particular Email Sender, then you can trace the Email sender location with the help of that IP Address for this following step which below

How to Find IP Address In Sender Email

Image 1
Image 2
  1. Firstly Log In Your Gmail Account.
  2. Open Email Which IP Adress you want look out.
  3. Click on three Dot on Right side.[see Image]
  4. Open Many option in front of you then Click “Show Original” [see Image]
  5. Then Original Massage Open you can see the IP Address. [Where Indicate IP Address on Image]
  6. Finally you got IP Address Of the Sender Email.

Now That IP Address Help, You can Find the Exact Location, Now Follow Step given below.

How to Trace Location by Sender Email IP Address

When you find the email IP address in the above way, then you can trace the location from this IP address.

Follow the Step for trace location by Email ID IP Address

What my ip address
Image 3
  1. Go to
  2. Enter the IP Address Which you find on the Email.
  3. Then Click Search.
  4. After that you get inoformation about the Email Location Contry State etc.

How do i permanently block an email address in gmail

If you get many unwanted emails and you get tired of deleting them, then you can block or unsubscribe that particular Email sender, you can follow simple steps to block the email sender which is given below

  1. Log In
  2. Open your Gmail Account.
  3. Open Email Which you want to block.
  4. then Click three dot on right side Selct Option Block”Sender name” [See Image 1]
  5. Now a Window Open Comfom it “Yes”
  6. Now the Email Sender has been block.
  7. If you option available “Unsubcribe” in that particular Email you can click on unsubribe, then you will not get email that particular email.

If you want to Unblock that Email you can Repeat this process in Option Ublock ” Email Sender”.

Frequency Asked Question

Q.I have the IP of mail servers How can I find their location

Ans. You can find the location if you have an IP address with the help of the website mentioned in this article.

Q. How do we know other people’s Gmail account locations?

Ans. You can find other people’s Gmail Locations by IP Address and complete process given in this article.

Q. How to Stop the News website Email?

Ans. When you get an Email, this email has an option Unsubscribe “Click it” you will not get more emails from that email.


In this article, we have tried to tell you the complete process of how to trace location by email id.

If you are also troubled by unwanted emails and want to block or unsubscribe them, then this article will be very helpful for you.