Realme Bud 2 Vs Realme Bud 2 Neo, Review, Comparison

Realme bud 2 Vs Realme bud 2 Neo Which is the better earphone? you have confusion in both these realms of wired earphones.

So we will clear your confusion and tell you which wired earphones you should buy. We will compare both earphones in depth.

Realme Bud 2 Vs Realme Bud 2 Neo

Both wired earphones came from the realme brand, there is a little bit of difference in the price, so what are the differences feature & quality of both wired earphones look at the difference between buds 2 and buds 2 neo in this article.

Realme bud 2 vs Realme bud 2 Neo best-wired earphones under 600, But which one is better among these two, you can understand from our review comparison.

So let’s know which wired earphone is better, let’s compare both in-depth.

Realme bud 2 Vs Realme Bud 2 Neo Review

Design & Built Quality

Talking about the design and built quality of Realme bud 2 vs Realme bud 2 Neo, then Realme bud 2 comes in black & green color and Realme bud 2 Neo is available in black, and blue color.

Realme branding has been given in both the buds of Realme bud 2 earphones, but if look at Realme bud 2 neo there is no brand logo in an earphone.

If we look at the quality, then the wired of Realme bud 2 is much better and both the bud are also seen to be of much better quality, whereas the quality of Realme bud 2 Neo has been given slightly weaker than realme buds 2 wired earphones.

In terms of durability, quality, or design, Realme bud 2 is much better.

Sound & Mic Quality

Realme bud 2 has a multi-layer diaphragm with 11.2 mm Bass Boost driver, Due to which you get to hear good bass and give a clear hi-fi bass music experience.

Realme bud 2 neo also has a driver of 11.2 mm but it does not have any kind of diaphragm, it gives you a very good experience of superior immersive sound.

The in-line microphone is given in both the wired earphones which are almost identical,

Control & Wire Quality

In both, you have also been given in-line control buttons so that you can control calls, music, and google assistant as features with the button.

Realme bud 2 Vs Realme Bud 2 Neo talks about wired quality, which determines the durability of any wire earphone.

Dual tangle-free cable has been given in Realme bud 2, due to the dual tangle design, it does not tangle easily.

But tangle-free cable is given in Realme bud 2 Neo but it is not that it is not wired tangle. That’s why the wired and tangle-free cable quality is weak compared to Realme bud 2.

connectivity with device

Realme bud 2 vs Realme bud 2 Neo both have 3.5 mm jack that connects to any smartphone, both have a silver-coated jack suitable for tablet or smartphones device.

Realme bud 2 vs Realme bud 2 Specification

SpecificationRealme bud 2Realme bud 2 Neo
Headphone TypeIn-the-EarIn-the-Ear
Driver TypeBoost BassDynamic
SoundDeep BassSuperior, immersive
Magnets EarbudsYesNo
WireDual Tangle freeTangle free
Wire length1.2 Meter1 Meter
In-line RemoteYes [3-button]Yes [Single button]
In-Built MicYesYes
ColorBlack, Orange, GreenBlack+Yellow, Blue
Warranty6 Month6 Month

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Realme bud 2 Pros & Cons

Realme bud 2
Realme Bud 2

Realme Bud 2 Neo Pros & Cons

Realme Bud 2 Neo
Realme Bud 2 Neo

Verdict or Conclusion

If we conclude both Realme bud 2 vs neo then Realme bud 2 has sound wire quality which is tangle-free and the design is also much better compared to Realme bud 2 Neo.

But the price of Realme bud 2 neo is slightly cheaper than Realme bud 2, Which can be said to be negligible.

after both wired earphone comparisons I will suggest the Realme bud 2 because it gives good sound with tangle-free durability wire earphones, we cannot compromise on quality due to a little more price.

Frequency Asked Questions

Q1.Is Realme buds 2 worth buying

Ans. Yes, Realme bud 2 has good sound long-lasting cable whatever the wire the earphone is durable.

Q2.Are Realme buds 2 Sweatproof?

Ans. No, Realme bud 2 is not a sweatproof wired earphone.

Q3.How can we change songs with Realme buds 2 wired earphones?

Ans. In-built button available in Realme bud 2 with the help of which you can change the music or you can change on mobile also.

Q4.Is there a magnet inside the Realme earbuds?

Ans. In Realme bud 2, magnets have been given in both earbuds.

Q5.What is the difference between Realme buds 2 Neo and Realme Buds 2?

Ans. Realme bud 2 has a multilayer diaphragm which gives you clear voice sound and the wired quality is much better compared then Realme bud 2 Neo, and the price little bit low compared to Realme bud 2.