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Top 8 Best Earphones Under 200 in India 2022

Which are the best earphones under 200 Rupees? Is the sound quality of those earphones also much better?

best earphone under 200

Yes, we are going to tell you the list of best earphones coming under 200 rupees, which is the best earphone at this price.

In all these earphones, you also get very good brand names with good sound quality.

If your budget is under 200 rupees and wants to buy the best earphones at this price then these earphones are best for you.

So without wasting time know to best earphones under 200 with the best specification at this price range

List of best Earphones Under 200 Rupees in india

1.pTron Pride Lite HBE

pTron Pride Lite HBE

pTron Pride Lite HBE is the best earphone for you if you are looking for a better option under 200.

In this, you get very good features like 10 mm dynamic driver tangle-free durable cable sweat and splash-resistant technology.

In this, you get to see the In-Line remote control button, with the help you can change the music track and also control the volume.

It has an In-Line HD microphone, 3.5 Gold plated jack is also available and it also gets 6 months warranty.

that’s the best earphones under 200 rupees must you check.


  1. 10 MM big speaker driver for high bass.
  2. 1.2-meter tangle-free durable cable.
  3. In-line Multiple buttons remote control.
  4. In-line Hd Microphone, 3.5 mm Glod plated jack.
  5. 6-month Warranty.
  • Tangle-free cable
  • Good quality
  • Average Noise Canceling

2.Zebronics Zeb-Bro in-Ear Earphones

Zebronics Zeb-Bro in-Ear Earphones

Zeb-bro best zebronics earphones under 200 are lightweight strong and long-lasting stylish designs Fit to ear with comfortable earphones.

In this 10 mm big driver has been given for sound whose frequency response is up to 20hz-20khz. It has a 1.2-meter long-lasting cable.

It has an in-line microphone along with a single button, with the help of which you can push/play music and pick up calls.

These earphones are compatible with both laptop and mobile and can be connected to a 3.5 mm universal jack.

You also get 6 months warranty on this earphone.


  1. 10mm big driver provides you deeply bass.
  2. 1.2 Meter big strong and long-lasting cable.
  3. 3.5mm Jack Compatible for laptop or mobile.
  4. In-line Microphone, In-line Single button.
  5. 6-Month Warranty.
  • Good Sound Quality
  • Comfortable in-ear
  • average quality
  • average Noise-cancelin

3.Zebronics Zeb-Corolla In-Ear Earphone

best earphones under 200

Zebronics Zeb-Corolla can be a better option for you, these earphones are quite light and their design fits in your ear.

10 mm driver has been given in it, it is very good at this price and Singal button control is seen with In-line Microphone.

if we talk about cable then it has 1.2 meters with 3.5 mm jack has been given which is a better earphone.

Zeb-Corolla is quite stylish earphones which are available in black color and two extra buds are also available with it.

These earphones come with 6 months warranty.


  1. 10MM Big Driver for Good Sound Quality.
  2. In-Line Multifunction Single button.
  3. In-Line Microphone.
  4. 1.2 Meter Cable with 3.5 MM Jack.
  5. 6-Month Warranty.
  • Good Cable
  • two Extra Buds
  • low quality
  • average sound

4.iBall Earwear Gem in-Ear Earphone

iBall Earwear Gem in-Ear Earphone

iBall is a much better brand iBall Earwear Gem is a much better option. it comes with a unique design in shiny black color.

Its sound quality is decent but the microphone is much better which is the best option for calling.

It has an in-line push control button, with the help of which you are helpful in answering and ending the call.

The company has made these earphones for running, jogging, gymming, walking, sleeping so that you can enjoy music along with exercise.

iBall company gives a 1-year warranty on it and its price is Rs.200.


  1. Decent Sound Quality
  2. Best Microphone quality.
  3. Unique Design for Youngerster.
  4. In-Line Push button Control
  5. 1-Year Warranty
  • Decent Sound
  • Calling Quality
  • Issue in Connection

5.Lava Elements E3 Wired in Ear with mic

Lava Elements E3 Wired in Ear with mic

Lava Elements E3 is the cheapest earphone to get around Rs.150 which comes in White color only.

The company has given a better driver in this which gives you a better bass experience along with stereo sound.

This earphone has got good ratings on Amazon, the company claims that these earphones have been tested a lot which the customer has also liked.

This earphone fits in everyone’s ear & is comfortable and the company also gives a 6-month warranty on this earphone.


  1. Big Driver for Best Sound.
  2. In-Buil Microphone
  3. In-built Button Control.
  4. Only White color Available
  5. 6-month warranty
  • Decent Sound
  • 6-Month Warranty
  • Quality Average

6.Ambrane Stringz 38 Wired Earphones with Mic


Ambrane Stringz 38 wired earphones can be seen as a much better alternative for Rs. 200.

High Bass quality is heard in this earphone with HD sound which gives crystal and clear sound.

These earphones come tangle-free cable with silicone ear tips which make it comfortable and durable earphones.

In this, the company has given a single button so that you can control music and calls, this earphone comes with a 3.5MM jack.

Even on this, the company gives a warranty of 6 months, you can buy it from Amazon in the color of your choice.


  1. Powerful HD Sound With High Bass
  2. In-built Single Button control
  3. In-line Microphone with 3.5MM jack
  4. 3.5 MM jack Compatible for all device
  5. Tangle free cable & Silicon Eartips
  6. 6 Moth Warranty
  • Good sound Quality
  • Tangle free cable
  • Durable & comfort
  • Single button control
  • Noise cancelling

7.Miniso Colorful Music Wired In Ear


If you want the best feature & color-wired earphones, whose price is under 200 rupees, then you must check out Miniso Colorful Music Wired In-Ear.

In this, the company has given HD Microphone with better sound which can be a good option at this price.

It comes with a tangle-free cable and a 3.5 MM jack which are also compatible with durable wired earphones.

The price of this earphone is only 200 rupees, which you will get to see in 8 colors.


  1. Decent Sound quality.
  2. HD microphone for calling.
  3. Tangle free y-shape cable.
  4. Compartible with 3.5 MM Jack.
  5. 8 Color & Unique design
  • HD Micrphone caling
  • Tangle free cable with Y-Shape
  • Average Sound
  • No Warranty

8.V CAN YS Earphones with mic


V CAN YS Earphones are the cheapest wired earphones on this list it is available at Rs under 150.

This earphone comes with dynamic, crystal-clear sound and deep powerful bass sound, its frequency range is given up to 15 – 20000 Hz.

This earphone comes with normal wired but it has a 3.5 mm jack which comes with gold plate finishing.

The earbuds come with soft silicone ear tips which are capable of blocking external sound and provide very good passive noise canceling.

These earphones are only available in white color which you can buy from amazon.


  1. Different type sound quality.
  2. Frequency Range upto 20000Hz.
  3. Passive Noise Cancelling.
  4. In-built mic or control button.
  5. 3.5 MM jack for connectivity
  • Normal Sound quality
  • Average Built Quality
  • cheapest price
  • No Warranty
  • No Color available

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Frequency Asked Quetions

Q1.Does lava Elements E3 earphones have a mic?

Ans. Yes, Lava Elements E3 Earphone has In-built Microphone for calling.

Q2.Which is the Best Indian Brand In-Ear on this list?

Ans. lava Elements E3 & iBall Earwear Gem, pTron Pride Lite HBE best Indian Brand Earphone.

Q3.How do I return my PTRON pride earphones bought on Amazon?

Ans. You can return ptron price earphones only 10 days from the date of purchasing go to your order list click the product request to return.

Q4.Which is the best earphone for calling?

Ans.pTron Pride Lite HBE is the best earphone under 200 it comes with HD mice & 10 mm driver which is best at this price range


If you are looking best earphones under 200 rupees then this list will be helpful for you, so check out all earphones & specifications then decided which is best for you.

All Earphones best lowest price earphones & come with a warranty all are good brand-related earphones you have to must check out on Amazon

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