Which is Best: Boat Bassheads 242 vs Realme Buds 2? Comparison & Review

Are you confused in BoAt Bassheads 242 vs Realme Buds 2? Do you want to know which earphone is best for you?

To clear your confusion, we have to do a comparison of both Earphone “Boat Bassheads 242 vs Realme Buds 2”, after knowing that you can choose the right earphone out of these two.

Boat Bassheads 242 vs Realme Buds 2

Realme makes many electronic gadgets like mobile power back earphones etc, but BoAt specializes in making its audio products like speakers, earphones, earbuds, etc.

If we talk about bAot, then it is a made-in-India brand while Realme is an external brand that does business in India.

This is the information of the company, but if we compare the feature and specification, which is the best earphone Boat Bassheads 242 vs Realme Buds 2?

Let’s know which is the better earphone.

In-Depth Comparision BoAt Bassheads 242 vs Realme Buds 2

Design & Built Quality

BoAt Bassheads 242

BoAt Bassheads 242

The built quality of BoAt Bassheads 242 is average, in which both its buds Plastic & not much its quality like an average earphone.

The BoAt Bassheads 242 doesn’t have a tangle-free wire which is quite disappointing at this price.

But its microphone and control buttons are IPX4 ratings which are Sweat & Water Resistant which enhances its durability to some extent.

The design of this earphone is premium and these earphones are in many colors which you can take as you like.

Realme bud 2

Realme bud 2

The built-in quality of Realme bud 2 earphones is much better if compared to BoAt Basshead 242 built quality.

Tangle-free cables are provided in this earphone which enhances any wired earphone quality and makes it durable.

The bud quality of this earphone is also much better if given an in-built microphone with a 3.5 mm jack which comes with premium finishing.

In terms of design, the branding of Realme has been given in both the bud which is normal in appearance but wire design is much attractive cool.

These earphones come in only four colors but the colors are very lightful & graceful.

Sound & Mic Quality comparision

Realme Bud 2 has an 11.2 MM Driver which produces 106dB sound pressure and boAt Bassheads 242 come with a 10MM driver which produces 101db sound pressure,

if we compare both, then the sound quality of Realme bud 2 is better.

Noise cancellation has been given similarly in both, which gives a similar experience of calling, in both the ok noise cancellation is heard.

Boat Bassheads 242 vs Realme Buds 2 which microphone is better then you can go with boAt Bassheads 242

Boat Bassheads 242 has an HD Microphone, which makes your voice clear and its mic too close to the mouth then gives a good calling experience.

But in Realme bud 2 the microphone is given normally compare to boat Basshead 242 so boat Bassheads are the best microphone for calling.

Popularity/Pricing Comparision

Boat Bassheads 242 vs Realme Buds 2 Both are very good earphones according to their specification and price.

Both the earphones are Amazon best selling earphones, the ratings of both have also seen the same.

The popularity of both earphones is the same but according to the price, BoAt Basshead 242 is less price compared to Realme bud 2.

Main Specification Comparision

SpecificationBoAt Basshead 242Realme bud 2
Frequency Response20Hz-20KHz20Hz-20KHz
PriceView on AmazonView on Amazon

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Verdict: Which earphones should I buy?

For BoAt Bassbud 242

If you want to take brand earphone which is made in India then you can choose BoAt Basshead 242.

If you have to do a lot of calling then BoAt Basshead 242 is the best option for you.

If you go to the gym and listen to songs while doing a lot of workouts then your BoAt Basshead 242 is a better choice for you.

because of these earphones IPX4 Rating which protect from Sweat & Water during gym.

For Realme bud 2

If you want better quality and durable earphones then Realme bud 2 is a good option for you.

If you want good sound quality as well as wiring comfort then you should choose Realme bud 2.

If you use earphones for gaming then you should go with Realme bud 2 because it gives you a good gaming experience.

If you use the Realme smartphone and want to buy earphones for that phone then you can go for the Realme bud 2 without hesitation.


Boat Bassheads 242 vs Realme Buds 2 Both earphones are very good, according to both these prices.

Good bass sound can be heard in both. But the built-in quality of Realme bud 2 is a bit better, accordingly its price is also slightly higher compared to BoAt Basshead 242.

According to your budget and need, you should choose anyone in both earphones, both are better.