How to Charge New Phone Battery at First Time

If you have a new smartphone and want to know how to charge the new phone battery at the first time or any time, on a regular basis, then this article will be helpful for you.

If we take care of the battery of the phone from the beginning when it is new smartphone.


Then we can avoid problems like battery bloat or drain battery fast issue, Mobile cannot be used without a battery, well all knew that.

The battery of the mobile itself acts as oxygen for the mobile, so we should keep maintaining it so that you can use the mobile for a long time without any battery issues.

If the mobile battery is charged properly from the beginning and some points are kept in mind,  then we keep it healthy.

So read all the points and tips in this article.

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How to Charge a New Phone Battery for the first time?

Whenever we buy a new mobile phone, then the battery of the mobile remains almost half full.

Mobile battery is never 100% charged when it is new, irrespective of the brand of mobile.

So whenever you charge a new mobile, do not charge it 100% for some time, After that, you can charge it 100% once or twice a month.

 if possible, to remove the charger of the new mobile when it is 90% charged so that the battery does not get overloaded and the battery can last longer.


Now it comes to the point that when should we charge the new mobile?

When we take a new mobile phone and its battery runs out, then the mobile itself indicates to us that now there is a need to charge the battery.

But when you do not get notification for the mobile charge, then you should never charge your mobile battery 20% less.

But when you do not get a notification of the mobile charge, then you should never charge your mobile battery 20% less.

That’s why you should charge the mobile before or when the mobile battery charging warning appears.

In this way, you can charge your mobile battery and keep the battery healthy.

But to keep the mobile healthy, you must pay attention to some important points, which are given below.

new mobile battery charging tips, to keep the battery healthy

1. Read the User Manual About Battery & Charger

Whenever you buy a new phone, a user guide comes with it, in this, write guides & information about the battery and charger.

Which you have to follow. There may be different instructions for different brands to keep following them.

2. Use Only the Original Charger

Whenever you take a new smartphone, then you should only use the original charger and USB.

Which comes with the mobile, and if it is damaged, then you should only buy the original charger from the same brand.

3. Mobile Battery Minimum Maximum Range

You have to charge your mobile battery before less than 15% to 20% and do not overcharge your smartphone to more than 80%.

So you do not overcharge it. There is not much load on your mobile battery, keep it safe.

4. Avoid Charging Your Mobile Again & Again

You should charge your mobile phone battery only once a day. Do not charge it again and again, if not necessary, charge it if your battery is below 15%.

If you charge your new smartphone many times a day, it puts a load on the battery of the mobile.

5. Turn Off Mobile Wifi or HotSpot During Charger

Whenever you charge the smartphone, at that time keep turning off the internet, wifi, and hotspot of your mobile.

Whenever you charge the smartphone, at that time, keep turning off the internet, Wi-Fi, and the hotspot on your mobile.

Mobile battery is charged fast & nothing much load being on mobile phone

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6. Use the Right Method of the mobile charging

Whenever you charge your new mobile phone, first, you have to correctly attach the charger with the mobile port & also the adapter connects to the power switch perfectly, then press the button on. 

Only then should you switch on the power button. It’s the right way to charge a new smartphone.

7. Avoid Charging Phone Overnight

Most people go to sleep by charging their mobile at night, which makes your mobile battery 100% full.

After that, your mobile battery is overcharged, there is more load on the mobile battery, due to which there is the possibility that the mobile battery may be damaged.

8. Do not cover the mobile on charging time

When you charge your mobile, then the cover of your mobile should be removed because by applying the cover,

The battery starts heating up, which affects mobile battery life.

9. Don’t use over watt charger in your mobile

Whenever you charge your mobile, then you should use the same watt charger which is suitable for your mobile & comes with it,

You should not use an over-watt charger. You should always use a charger that comes with that mobile or that model.

10. Do power button off then remove Charger

Whenever your mobile is charged, you should first switch off the power button of the charger,

Whenever your mobile is charged, you should first switch off the power button then remove the charger pin from the mobile type-c port., 

The battery is the most important thing for any smartphone. Without a good battery, we cannot enjoy a mobile, 

So you should follow the above method to charge the new phone battery first charge. 

In the End

We have tried to tell you how to increase Android battery life in this article, with the help of which you will be able to keep your mobile battery safe and maintained, 

I have tried to answer some of your questions. Hope you would like the information related to phone charging tips.

Frequency Asked Questions

Q.Why my phone battery swelling just after 3 months?

Ans. There are many reasons, like removing the battery a lot of time, a lot of time charging in a day, or don’t charge on heat surface or area.

Q.How to Charge a new Smartphone for the first time?

Ans. Never charge your new smartphone or old phone 100%, you should charge it from 80 to 90%.

Q. Is it necessary to charge a new phone for 8 hours?

Ans. Never charge your phone for 8 hours. The amount of time it takes for your mobile to be charged is 80 to 90%.

Q. How many times should you charge in a day?

Ans. You have to charge your mobile 1 or 2 times a day, but remember that you need to charge if the battery is below 30%.

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