Best Perfume for Men under 500 in India

You are in my article, it means that you also want to buy perfume, and you are confused. Am I right?

If yes, then we have brought for you the list of best perfumes for men under 500 rs, which are the best option for you.

best perfume for men

Which are not only budget-friendly but also, keep in mind the fragrance & long-lasting perfumes along with different brands.

all these are pocket perfumes for men,  perfume you must like.

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Best Perfume for men under 500 in India

1. Villain Perfume For Men 100 Ml

Villain Perfume For Men 100 Ml

Villain perfume for men 100 ml, comes in woody and spicy scents, it is the most-selling perfume on Amazon India.

Scents. Its price is seen to be around Rs 400. Its ingredients include notes of mandarin, bergamot, amber, and white musk.

Its perfume fragrance is very much liked, mostly by girls, like Orange, Jasmine, and Vanilla Notes, a very impressive Fragrance Spray and, as per its fate, it is a value-for-money perfume.


  • Woody & Spicy Fragrance Spray.
  • Ingredients: notes of Mandarin, Bergamot, Amber & White Musk.
  • 100 Ml – Eau De Parfum – Premium Long Lasting Fragrance Spray.
  • Coffee, Blackberry, Orange Blossom, Vanilla main Notes Fragrance.

Review: It is a very nice Fragrance Spray for mostly around 4 hours, its cost wise it worth for money, its acceptable for daily use.

Amazon-indiaVillain Perfume For Men 100 MlView on Amazon
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2. Wild Stone Edge Premium Perfume for Men, 50ml|

Wild Stone Age Premium Perfume for Men, 50ml Pocket Friendly Premium Luxury Fragrance Spray for Men.

This perfume is available in 30ml, 50ml, and 100ml packaging. This perfume comes with rich woody and Labo terroir notes mixed with Artemisia, Patchouli, and Labdanum.

The price of this perfume is quite low compared to others and its fragrances are long-lasting in cloth or skin, its strong perfume.


  • An enticing Woody Marine, a strong fragrance and long-lasting.
  • Available in 30ml, 50ml, 100ml versatile packaging.
  • Pocket-friendly and easy to carry for daily use.
  • Ingredient: Ethyl Alcohol, Diethyl phthalate, Hydrogenerated Castor Oil & Perfume.

Review: This perfume come different size so you can easy buy at low price, its fragrance also strong for long lasting in cloth, but at 30 decree above its not run last long, so its good for winter season.

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Amazon-indiaWild Stone Edge Premium Perfume for Men, 50mlView on Amazon
Flipkart-indiaWild Stone Edge Premium Perfume for Men, 50mlView on Flipkart

3.Djokr Perfume Gift Set for Men Pack of 4×20 ML

Djokr Perfume Gift Set for Men Pack of 4x20 ML

Djokr Set of 4 Perfumes is an excellent product which comes in excellent gift packaging. All bottles is pocket-friendly & easy to carry.

The fragrances of all the four perfumes given in it are different fragrances, hence in which a unique perfume fragrance is available for daily use as well as for parties, which means there is an option for all occasions.

The fragrance of this perfume from Djokr brand is amazing and also lasts for a long time. It’s pocket perfume for men.


  • Pack of 4×20 ML with Excellent Gift Packaging.
  • Wood, Wicked, Singnature, marine Fragrance Spray.
  • All are useful for daily use, parties & other occasions.
  • It is long, lasting at list 2.5 hours to 6 hours.

Review: Review: It is good for gifting. Also, perfume. Fragrance is also different in all bottles. You can keep your choice of fragrance. Another you can gift, it’s also long-lasting for long time.

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Amazon-indiaDjokr Perfume Gift Set for Men Pack of 4×20 MLView on Amazon
Flipkart-indiaDjokr Perfume Gift Set for Men Pack of 4×20 MLView on Flipkart

4.Bella Vita Luxury White Oud Eau De Parfum Unisex Perfume

Bella Vita Luxury White Oud Eau De Parfum Unisex Perfume

Bella Vita Luxury White Oud Eau De Parfume is designed for both male and females, this perfume is the best-selling Amazon choice perfume on Amazon India.

This perfume has both sweet and spicy scents, it has an excellent combination of sweet & spicy fragrances.

This perfume is available in 20 ML and 100 ML. Also, this perfume is IFRA-certified, so you can definitely check out this perfume.

Bella Vita Luxury White Oud Eau De Parfum Unisex Perfume, long-lasting for men & women.


  • An Excellent Combination of sweet and spicy Fragrance Spray.
  • 20ML & 100 ML Packaging Excellent for Self or Gifting.
  • Fragrance notes include tangy lemon, lavender, and musk.
  • Premium Quality & IFRA-certified.

Review: Review: If you are a couple, then this perfume will be excellent for you because this is a unisex perfume at a budget-friendly cost. The sweet & spicy fragrance you love most if talking about long last its good for logn lasting use.

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Amazon-indiaBella Vita Luxury White Oud Eau De Parfum Unisex PerfumeView on Amazon
Flipkart-indiaBella Vita Luxury White Oud Eau De Parfum Unisex PerfumeView on Flipkart

5.Beardo Perfumes Giftset For Men (Pack of 4 x 20ml)

It is another Gifting perfume by brand Beardo. It’s also under 500 but it’s only for men, so choose wisely.

but in this, you get four bottles of 20 ML which can be carried anywhere in the pocket and the fragrance of all the bottles is also different.

Its fragrance is Tsunsami, Whiskey smoke, Black musk or Godfather Men will do all- night party mood or a sophisticated event with this fragrance scent.

It is good for men at this price, the quality of perfume is excellent in long end.


  • 20ML Four bottle, Excellent for  Gifting for Men.
  • Whiskey Smoke, Godfather, Tsunami and Black Musk fragrance spray.
  • Premium Perfume with excellent packaging.
  • All scents have different fragrances. You love them.

Review: It is also the best perfume for Gifting to Men. Its fragrance is totally only for men, so women can. If you are looking for gifts or buy only for men, you can check them out once.

Amazon-indiaBeardo Perfumes Giftset For MenView on Amazon

Frequency Asked Question

How to Apply Perfum?

Hold the perfume bottle 6–8 inches away from your skin to ensure even distribution. Avoid rubbing your wrists together after applying.

Is it OK to use perfume daily?

Yes, it is generally okay to use light fragrance perfume daily as part of your personal grooming routine, but don’t use too strong & too much fragrance as daily use, which affects your mind.

Which is the best fragrance for men?

It is woody, spicy. Note fragrance best for men. All these are given above at a price of 500 rupees.

How can I make the perfume smell last longer?

If you use perfume on your clothes or wrist properly, then it makes the perfume smell a long longer.


We have not only given you the list of best perfumes under Rs 500 but also told you the availability of all the perfumes so that you can buy the right perfume on the right budget.

Choose the fragrance of your choice and make your lifestyle stylish without spending much.

I hope you will like it most and pourched, thanking for reaching my blog.

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