Mivi vs Boat? Which is Best? (Comparison)

Boat and Mivi are the most popular leading brands in India. So, for which brand is better in audio and wearable product between Mivi vs boat?

We have given an overview of the Mivi and Boat. brand company in this article. I have mentioned the achievement, and which is better in after-sales service. 

Mivi vs Boat

With the help of my comparison, you will know which is better in Mivi vs BoAt ?

So let’s know abut the best leading brand, Mivi vs BoAt.

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Mivi Vs BoAt Highlight

  • Mivi vs BoAt Company Overview
  • Mivi vs BoAt Award and Recognition?
  • Boat Vs Customer Support Service?
  • Why should you choose BoAt or Mivi?

Mivi Company Overview

Mivi is an Indian leading electronic and audio product manufacturing company. Mivi manufactures headphones, earphones, speakers, smartwatches, etc. in India.

Mivi company was started in 2016 by Midhula Devabhaktuni and Viswanadh Kandula.

The headquarters of the Mivi company is located in Hyderabad, India.

Mivi’s first manufacturing plant is located in Avishkaran Industries Hyderabad, which has more than 1500 employees.

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Mivi manufactures audio products like Bluetooth speakers, headphones, TWS earbuds, soundbars, etc. in this plant.

Mivi is the first made-in-India brand that manufactures audio products in India.

Being a Mivi made-in-India brand, there has been a stronger relationship & bonding among the Indian people.

So their Mivi tagline is made in India, made in their own India,

Mivi Company Info

Brand NameMivi
FounderMidhula Devabhaktuni, Viswanadh Kandula.
Established in2016
Headquartered in Hyderabad, India
ProductSmartwatch, Speaker, Headphones, Neckband etc.
Official websitehttps://www.mivi.in/
Email Idsuuport@mivi.in
Customer Support+918099973333

Boat Company Overview

The boat is the most popular and selling brand in India. It is India’s fastest-growing audio & wearables brand. It has a wide range of products, like Bluetooth speakers, earphones, smartwatches, truly wireless, etc.

BoAt company was started in November 2013 by Sameer Ashok Mehta and Aman Gupta. BoAt’s registered company name is “Imagine Marketing Private Limited”.

BoAt’s headquarters is located in Delhi, India.

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BoAt is an Indian company but most of boAt’s products are imported from China, so most of its products have their country’s origin in China.

But some product manufacturing is starting in India.

boAt is a popular brand that covers the largest market in India, 

BoAt is very popular among most young and college students, it is well-liked for the built quality and sound bass of the product.

BoAt provides good products at affordable prices as well as and can also be called a trusted brand in India.

BoAt Company Info

Brand NameBoAt
Founder Sameer Ashok Mehta, Aman Gupta
Established in2013
Headquartered in Delhi, India
ProductBluetooth Headphones, Smartwatches, Truly wireless, Speaker, etc
Official Websitehttps://www.boat-lifestyle.com/
Email Id info@imaginemarketingindia.com
Customer SupportN/A

BoAt Award and Achievements

The number 1 brand for truly wireless and earwear in India as per Q3 CY21

No. 3 Earwear + Smartwatch global market as per Q3 CY21

Boat to lead the Indian market in 2022 with 34.3 percent market share [Source: News18 India]

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Boat is the 5th largest wearable brand in the world. [Source: Forbes India 2020]

Most Popular Brand Among the Younger & Selling Products in India

Mivi Award and Achievements

Mivi First Make in India, Made in India Brand in Audio & Wearable Products.

Mivi’s products are made in India, due to which Indians become more sentimental & emotionally attached to Mivi.

Mivi Capturing Around 6% Market Share in TWS Segment in India [Bussines Insider Report]

Mivi 150 Crore revenue in Fy22 which is 140 percent more than Fy 2021.

Mivi focused on Indian people’s needs and the taste of sound at affordable & competitive prices.

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Boat After Sales Service

After-sales service is very important for every consumer in the gadget & electronics segment, special in India.

BoAt’s service centers are available in all the states in India, whose information you get on the official website of BoAT.

The boat also gives its consumer the facility of online chat & support.

You can register your BoAt Complaint by visiting the official website of boAt.

BoAt’s after-sales service and support are among the best and most reliable in India.

Boat company gave its service door-to-door even during Corona.

the conclusion comes is that boAt company has excellent after-sales service.

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Mivi After Sales Service

Talking about Mivi’s Customer Support & Service, there is no service center in India when I checkout on the internet.

You have to contact its customer care number and email ID to claim a warranty and repair the product.

All products of Mivi are sold on the online e-commerce website & official website, the presence of this company is negligible in the offline market.

You have to rely only on online mediums for after-sales service.

This is not easy for all consumers, so the trust in Mivi is a little less in terms of after-sales service.

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Why should you Buy BoAt Products?

BoAt is the most popular brand in the world. If you are young, and you are passionate about fashionable and stylish gadgets and prefer a brand name, then you should choose boAt.

Even if you love loud sound and bass with good built quality, then boAt’s audio products are best for you.

If you want to invest much amount in audio products like Truly Wireless, soundbar then you can trust BoAt Product.

BoAt’s after-sales service and customer support are much better than Mivi’s.

Why should you Buy Mivi Products?

Mivi is made in India and Made for India, India’s first and trusted brand, so Indian people’s sentiments are connected with the Mivi Brand.

Mivi gives better features with good built quality at affordable and competitive prices.

Mivi’s customer care number is given on the official website so that you can easily connect with Mivi and take the facility of after-sales service.

Mivi most of the products available in all e-commerce market place, you can buy easily.