Jabra Elite 85t vs Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Review & Comparison,

Jabra Elite 85t vs Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro both come with wireless charging support which is a premium feature, Such earbuds are in the mid to high price range.

Jabra Elite 85t vs Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Samsung is one of the best electronic product manufacturers and Jabra is just one of the well-known Jabra vs Samsung earbuds brands for better headsets, so both are better brands.

We are doing a comparison of both jabra elite 3 vs galaxy buds pro, then you would know the difference between these Jabra vs Samsung earphones which should you buy.

If you want to see the comparison of Jabra Elite 3 Vs Jabra Elite 85T, then you can read the comparison of both of them by clicking on the link.

Jabra Elite 85t vs Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Review

Jabra Elite 85T India Specification

12 MM Dynamic Driver with supported SBC AAC
6 Microphone Technology with Noise Deduction
Jabra Advanced ANC with Adjustable Technol
25 hours total battery life with ANC, Without ANC 31 Hours
Wireless & USB Both Charging Support

Samsung Buds Pro Specifications

11mm woofer for full bass, 6.5mm tweeter with low distortion for treble.
Intelligent Technology Base Active Noise Cacelling
Wireless Charging with super fast charging support
18 Hours Battery life when ANC on or ANC off 28 Hours Playtime.
IPX7 water registed & Epic glory design Earbuds

Color & Design

Samsung galaxy buds pro
Samsung galaxy buds pro

Samsung Galaxy buds Pro is available in three colors, black, silver, and violet, all three earbuds look very beautiful in shiny colors as these are bright marble, These earbuds appear a bit bright in light at night, which separately gives attention to the ears.

The case of galaxy buds pro is very small and can be carried comfortably in any pocket, When we keep the earbuds in the case, there is a slight gap in it, due to which the earbuds feel loose in it.

The design of the galaxy buds pro can also disturb the wearer, which because these earbuds can fall from the ear during excessive movement.

If you’re thinking of these buds for the gym or workout, then you can check out other options as well, these can disturb you during a workout.

In this, the company has given all three types of earbuds, which you can use according to your convenience.

Jabra Elite 85t
Jabra Elite 85t

Jabra Elite 85T is available only in black and titanium black color, in which Titanium black wireless earphone has a little dark silver color in buds cap part which makes it a little different from black, otherwise, there is not much difference between both the colors.

The design and shape of the earbuds are designed like the ear canal, which makes these earbuds very comfortable in the ear, If you use them during congestion or workout, then it stays fit in the ears and the chances of falling from the ear are negligible.

But the size of its case is very big which cannot be denied which becomes a bit difficult to keep in the pocket of jeans, Due to its size and normal design being nothing special, it does not get much attention.

Sound & Microphone

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro has two speakers, which have an 11 mm woofer and a 6.5 mm tweeter which play a role in the sound quality of galaxy buds pro.

Talking about its sound quality, it can be heard as a balanced sound and bass can also be called a little balance, but it disappoints those who listen to high bass.

It has been seen in these earbuds that if you do fast movement then its sound gets distorted which is quite disappointing.

These earbuds come with active noise canceling support, whose performance is average.

ANC earbuds of this quality come in less than this, its performance has been seen like them so its ANC is not good at a price so the microphone also averages if looking at the price.

Jabra Elite 85T has 12 MM dynamic driver which delivers powerful bass along with massive sound which the company believes is just right.

We found that the performance of both its sound and bass does not disappoint anyone, which means, you are the choice for 85T for music purposes.

Its ANC quality is very excellent, if you are looking for better ANC earbuds for better calling then you should definitely check out Jabra Elite 85t.

It has been customized EQ with advanced customized ANC which can customize the sound and enjoy better music and calling.

You can enjoy the rhythm of each instrument during the song even if you listen in slow medium or fast sound.

In the end, its sound is better and the best calling experience has been seen.

Battery & Connectivty

Galaxy buds pro supports Bluetooth 5.0, which has good connectivity but can only connect one device at a time to these earbuds, it does not support multiple device connectivity.

On its website, Samsung claims these earbuds will last up to 5 hours on a single charge, with about 13 hours of additional charge in the case.

But many people have seen disappointment with its battery life, meaning it is not seen as much as the company claims.

According to the battery, Galaxy Buds Pro can be called disappointing.

The battery life in Jabra Elite 85T is given for 31 hours as mentioned on the website, in which you get a back of about 25 hours by turning off the ANC.

Its battery life is decent, which matches the data mentioned on the website, the battery can be said to be much better.

The Elite 85T comes with Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity support, which supports up to 30 meters, which can be called a greater range.

With this Bluetooth you can connect two devices simultaneously, this means that it also gets stable connectivity along with quick pairing.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Pros & Cons

Jabra Elite 85T Pros & Cons


In this, the Samsung galaxy buds pro vs Jabra elite 85t review have been explained in detail.

Which has let you know which of the two is better.

If we talk about the price, then the price of Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is Rs.8490 while Jabra Elite 85T is Rs.15999. There is a lot of difference in the price of both.

The price of Jabra or Samsung buds is slightly higher according to the feature and specifications.