Jabra Elite 3 Vs Jabra Elite 85T: Which is the Best?

Jabra Elite 3 Vs Jabra Elite 85T Both are wireless earphones related to the Jabra brand, in which Jabra Elite 3 Mid-range and Jabra Elite 85T High range price truly wireless earbuds.

If we compare the features and specs of both wireless earphones, what is the difference between the two Earbuds cause there is a threefold difference in the price.

Jabra Elite 3 Vs Jabra Elite 85T

We have told you the specification of both the earbuds and have given a review so that you can understand and differentiate them.

So let’s compare Jabra Elite 3 Vs Jabra Elite 85T, know in detail which option is better for you according to the price.

Jabra Elite 3 Vs Jabra Elite 85T Specification

Jabra Elite 3Jabra Elite 85T
6 MM Headphone Driver12 MM Headphone Driver
Deep Bass SoundMassive Powerful Bass
In-built Microphone6 Microphone Technology
28 Hours Battery Life31 Hours Battery Life With ANC
3.5-Hour Charging Time95 dB Active Noise Cancelling
5.1 Bluetooth Connectivity5.1 Bluetooth Connectivity
IP55 Water/Rain ProofWireless Charging Support
Compatible with Android iOsCompatible with Android iOs
2-Year Warranty2-Year Warranty
Price:3999Price: 15999

Pricing Comparison

There is a huge difference in the price of Jabra Elite 3 or Jabra Elite 85T if we consider Jabra Elite 3 is priced at Rs.5999 which is from Jabra brand’s cheapest & affordable range of wireless earbuds while Jabra Elite 85T is priced at Rs.15999 which is the highest price range wireless earbuds of this brand.

Jabra Elite 3 price is three times less than Jabra Elite 85T, both of them also get the difference in sound, battery, and design.

If you are confused about the price and which one best matches according to their price, then you should read this comparison completely.

Sound Comparison

Jabra Elite 3 has a 6 MM driver which offers decent sound. It also has slightly better bass quality. If you listen to music with a bit of bass then this can be a much better option for you.

You listened to the songs in loud sound or medium sound you can feel every bit better also all instrument sound too.

But the company has not given Active Noise Canceling in these earbuds, if you are looking for ANC Wireless earbuds at this price then you may be disappointed with them.

It has 4x MEMS type microphones, which cannot be called outstanding but we found in research that people have described its mic as decent people like as best normal microphone.

In this, the microphone does not block the outside sound, it can not be used in gaming but you can take it for normal calling.

Jabra Elite 85T has a 12 MM dynamic speaker which is quite big in size, whose sound quality is also heard much better in the same way.

A lot of bass sound has been given in it, if you are crazy about bass then you may like it a lot.

In this, you can manage the equalizer settings of sound in your own way, you have been given the ability to control bass, and treble with low sound or high sound.

It also has Active Noise Canceling which gives very good performance at the time of call, you will not be disappointed with it.

But when we listen to music and enable ANC, then it affects the bass quality and there is a slight decrease in the bass.

It has six microphones which are decent because the ANC gives decent calling performance.

Lastly, the sound is much better which is heavy bass, ANC with EQ setting support is also very good, and the overall sound of both music and calling is satisfying.

Battery & Charging

Jabra Elite 3
Jabra Elite 3

The battery of Jabra Elite 3 is 28 hours, which the company has claimed, which takes more than 3 hours to charge.

We have found in research that its battery lasts around 28 hours on a single charge, if we talk about earbuds, then it gives a playtime of more than 5 hours.

In this, the company has given fast charging support so that you can use it for one hour by charging for only 10 minutes.

Overall Battery and Charging are given around 4 ratings on the online shopping website which is much better.

Jabra Elite 85T
Jabra Elite 85T

Jabra Elite 85T has been given 31 hours of battery life, it has 7 hours of playtime in the buds and 28 hours of playtime in the case, which makes a total of 31 hours.

It also has wireless charging support with type C USB charging support, if you charge from USB then it takes about 3 and 3.5 hours to charge wirelessly.

It has superfast charging support which gives 1 hour of playtime on 15 minutes of charging which is outstanding.

If we see the performance, then we get 5 hours of battery life when we enable ANC & more battery life when disabling ANC.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Both earbuds Jabra Elite 85T and Jabra Elite 3 have Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity, which performs well in the 10-meter range & stays connected.

What makes both Jabra Elite 3 vs 85T different from each other is their device connectivity support, only single pairing support is available in Elite 3 whereas, in Elite 85T, the facility of connecting two devices at the same time as a smartphone & PC.

of-course Elite 85T has a better performance compared to Elite 3 on any device like android, ios, or pc in that’s no doubt.

Jabra Elite 85T Conclusion

The Jabra Elite 85T is a good wireless earphone that delivers extra thump and warmth along with high bass. You can also customize the sound from the EQ setting which supports better with the app.

Wireless charging support is also given in this along with superfast charging support which makes it different.

Jabra Elite 85T has ANC which plays an important role in improving the calling quality.

Jabra Elite 3 Conclusion

The Jabra Elite 3 is a Decent Bluetooth earphone if we look at the sound, it has a little more bass which is much better.

In this, the sound of all the instruments is heard fair. If you do a lot of calling while traveling, then this can be a much better option for you because its design is comfortable, lightweight, and breathable which you can use anywhere comfortably.

In this, 28 hours of battery which the company claims have been given in tit and fast charging support is also available, the match of both have been given quite well as the performance.

It is IP55 certified with decent built-in quality which keeps it safe even in situations like raindrops & during gym.