realme buds wireless vs Oneplus bullets wireless Z2 Specs, Review

Today we will compare realme buds wireless vs Oneplus bullets wireless Z2 in this article and know which Bluetooth neckband is value for money.

Realme buds wireless and Oneplus Bullets Z2 both cost almost the same, Both of these are available in the range of Rs.2000.

But when we have to choose one of these two neckbands, then we have to compare these two neckbands and choose the right wireless earphone.

That’s why we have done a complete comparison of the specs of Oneplus bullets wireless Z2 vs realme buds wireless in this article for you.

Which is the best neckband in realme or oneplus we have explained it in detail so that you can choose the right neckband.

realme buds wireless vs Oneplus bullets wireless Z2 Specs

Realme Buds WirelessOnePlus Bullet Wireless Z2
realme buds wirelessOnePlus Bullets Z2
General InfoGeneral Info
Buds WirelessBullet Z2
Release onRelease on
September 2021April 2022
Buds TypeBuds Type
Driver SizeDriver Size
Sound TypeSound Type
Boost BassBombastic Bass
20Hz-20KHz20Hz – 20,000KHz
Battery Battery
12 Hours30 Hours [50% Vol.]
Quick ChargerQuick Charger
10 Mins for 100 Mins10 mins for 20 Hours
Charger TypeCharger Type
Charging TimeCharging Time
1.5 hN/A
Bluetooth VersionBluetooth Version
10 meter10 meter
Auto ConnectAuto Connect
Yes [Sweat Proof]Water/Sweat Resistant
Google AssistantGoogle Assistant
Ear-Tips SizeEar-Tips Size
S, M, LS, M, L
Blue, Red, GreenBlack, Blue, Red
View on AmazonView on Amazon

Design & Comfort

Oneplus bullets wireless Z2 is lightweight and comes with a plain flexible silicon band, Realme buds wireless also comes with the same quality but buds or ear tips are more durable.

Metal buds are seen in Oneplus while plastic buds are given in realme buds.

Comparing the comfort of both one plus and realme, realme buds fit in-ear well as compared to one plus.

Oneplus can be a little bit uncomfortable but it can be quite comfortable for small ears.

Oneplus and Realme have been given a left-side branding and control buttons have been given on the right side.

If we talk about pressing performance then there are a few press issues.

All three sizes of ear tips have been given in both Realme buds and Oneplus so that you can use them at your convenience.

realme buds wireless is a good option if used for a long time or gym.

Sound Performance

Realme buds have loud sound and balance bass which produce a quite decent sound at a volume of 80%, And the sound does not feel distorted at high volume.

If we talk about vocals and instruments’ beats or sounds, then it is heard very clearly and loudly you feel like the music is live.

Its sound quality is up to the mark but high bass is not there, balanced bass quality can be experienced in realme buds wireless.

Now talk about Oneplus Bullets Z2, in this, you get to hear decent Bass as compared to realme buds wireless.

But it feels somewhat distorted in high volume, there is difficulty in hearing the instrument and vocal clarity in high volume.

If you want bass and enjoy music in low volume, then this neckband will not disappoint you.

Battery & Charger

In Realme buds wireless, the company claims that its battery playtime lasts up to 12 hours, we also found that this claim is almost correct.

Realme buds wireless has micro USB charging support, which deserves type-c at this price, which takes up to 90 minutes to charge, micro USB charging supports its weak point.

Oneplus Bullets Z2 gets 30 hours of playtime if you use it at 50% volume, and many customers have described its battery as very good.

The special thing about Oneplus bullets Z2 is that it has the facility of type-c fast charging support, if you charge it for 10 minutes then it can get up to 20 hours of playtime.

If comparing the battery and charger performance then Oneplus can be a better option than realme.

Bluetooth Connectivity

realme Buds Wireless comes with Bluetooth 5.0 version, along with this neckband comes with magnetic fast pairing technology, with the help of magnetic buds, it can be turned on and off.

In Oneplus Bullets Z2 also, the company has given Bluetooth 5.0 version which gives decent stability connectivity in ranges up to 10 meters.

Wrapping up: Which is Best?

Realme Buds wireless comes with balanced sound quality whereas Oneplus Bullets Z2 comes with decent bass.

If you like listening to Bass then Oneplus is a better option for you.

If we compare the battery, then Oneplus Bullets Z2 has a long battery life and fast charging support, which is much better than Realme wireless z2.

Oneplus Bullets Z2 is a better Bluetooth earphone only if look at the sound & battery performance.