How to Know who checked my profile on WhatsApp?

If you want to know who checked your profile on WhatsApp, then we will definitely give you the answer in this article.

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who checked my profile on WhatsApp

So we will answer your question: How to know who checked my profile on WhatsApp? My answer that, WhatsApp has not provided such a feature on WhatsApp.

So that we can know who has checked our WhatsApp profile.

But we can definitely know who has checked our WhatsApp Status, this gives us an idea who might have checked our WhatsApp profile.

How to Know Who Check My WhatsApp Status on WhatsApp?

To know who saw your WhatsApp Status, first, you have to upload any status on your WhatsApp App so that you can know who saw your WhatsApp Status.

Once you set a WhatsApp status, you will continue to get information about who viewed your WhatsApp status for 24 hours.

In this way, you can only guess who might have checked your WhatsApp profile.

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Many people had this question in their mind that how can we know who checked my profile on WhatsApp?

I have answer that WhatsApp has not yet provided such a feature to know who has viewed your WhatsApp profile.

Just on WhatsApp status you can know who has checked your WhatsApp status.

Frequency Asked Qustion

Q1.Can I see who viewed my WhatsApp profile picture?

Ans.Unfortunately, no. There is no way to check if someone has viewed your WhatsApp profile picture.

Q2.Can I see Someone’s WhatsApp Status Without them Knowing?

Ans.No, you cannot. If you open someone’s WhatsApp status, they can easily check to see if you’ve viewed it.

Q3.Is WhatsApp status visible to everyone?

Ans.Yes, your status is visible to all of your contacts by default, unless you have specifically chosen to hide or unhide it contact or unknow number.

Q4.How do I keep my status privacy on WhatsApp?

Ans.follow step to keep your status privacy on WhatsApp Step:  Go to WhatsApp > Menu > Settings > Account > Privacy > Status, and select “My Contacts” “My Contacts Except” or “Only Share With.”

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