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[7 Reason] Why are iPhone So Expensive in India

If you have come to this post to know why is iPhone so expensive in India, then we are going to tell in this article why are iPhone so expensive in India.

why is iphone so expensive

The iPhone was introduced on 9 January 2007 by Apple’s Co-Founder Steve Jobs. Apple has annually released new iPhone models and iOS updates continuously. As of November 2018, Apple has sold 2.2 million iPhones which is incredible.

The price of the iPhone is very high, yet the demand and market share of the iPhone is increasing continuously. (IDC website report) The iPhone is very much in demand by people. After all, what are the features & quality of the iPhone that make it better than other smartphones, and why are iPhones so expensive in India?

Why are iPhones so costly and why people are crazy about iPhones, we will tell it with the help of this article, so let’s know.

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Reason Why are iPhone So Expensive

  1. High Import or Custom Duty in India
    The biggest reason for the price of iPhone being higher in India compared than other countries is the custom duty imposed on the iPhone or its componets. The iPhone is not manufactured in India, it is imported from Taiwan, due to which 22 percent custom duty has to be paid on the iPhone, due to which the price much high compared to other country.
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2. Use the best component not Compromise
Best quality parts are used in the manufacture of iPhone, which is imported from different countries and assembled in Taiwan, Due to which iPhone quality is better than other smartphones and its price is also seen more than other smartphones that the reason why is iPhone so expensive in India.

3. Extra Taxes Compared to another country like the US

The tax on iPhone in India is higher than in other countries. If we talk about the United States, then there is about 9.25% (it may differ from state to state) tax on iPhones. If we looking at India then 18% GST in iPhone which is much higher than the US.
Apple’s CEO Tim Cook also admitted that iPhone is so expensive in India because India’s taxes & duties are also much high compared to the United States.

4. Advance Technology & Feature on iPhone

If we make a comparison of iPhone and Android, then we get to see a lot of advanced technology in iPhone Like-

  1. Every Time Software updated.
  2. You can store your backup on iCloud.
  3. Ceramic Shield Glass
  4. Dobly Vision
  5. iOs Operating System
  6. Best Security
  7. OLED Display
  8. H2OK (splash, water, dust resistant)
  9. Stylish Design best finishing
  10. Long time best performance
    There are many other advanced technologies in the iPhone which never seen on Android, due to which the price of the iPhone is also seen higher in India.

5. iPhone does not own store & Retailer

Apple company does not have its own retail store in India. Apple company uses third-party retail stores to deliver its product to the consumer, Third-party retailer takes commission due to which the price of the iPhone in India increases a lot.

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6. Expenditure on research and development

Apple’s expenses are spent more on research and development, which includes all products like iPhone, iPad, Mac book, and iPod. Apple company has a separate research and development budget which is billion us dollars (source form statista), which is increased every year. Due to this, the price of the iPhone is also very high.

7. Customized Hardware & Software

An important reason for iPhone being expensive is also hardware and software which are designed by Apple’s engineer and ecosystem is used in all Apple products. iPhone gives us facilities like iCloud and App Store, due to which our data remains safe, in which iPhone spends a lot, due to which the price of iPhone increases.

iPhone is a very popular brand and there are a lot of people who like it every one brought it. But the iPhone is mostly liked by the people due to its special technology like hardware, software, security, and performance, So, price does not matter if you need a great brand which gives you full of satisfaction. in this article, we have mentioned the reason why are iPhone so expensive I hope it’s helpful.