Why are iPhones so Expensive in India

Why are iPhones so expensive in India or Why apple products are expensive in India, Europe, and other countries?

Today in this article, we will explain to you, the main reasons why Apple products or why are iphone so expensive in India.

Why are iPhones so expensive

Samsung & Oppo Brand mobile are in the market before the iPhone and iPhone has come into the market after these brands.

iPhone started on 9 January 2007, Still, today time Apple iPhone is more costly than Android phones.

What is the main reason for the iPhone is so expensive in India & compared than an Android phone? (Read Also: iQoo Z6 Lite 5G Review)

We will explain to you all reasons, why iPhone is costly, iPhone is the best and also very popular among Indian people.

So let’s know what are the reasons that make iPhone expensive & popular brand in India.

[Explain] Why are iPhones So Expensive in India

1. High Import or Custom Duty in India

There are many types of trade taxes levied in India just like customs & import duty.

these types of taxes are levied on only those products which are impor from outside countries.

iPhone is also import from outside the country.

if we look at custom duty on iPhones is around 20% [according to a clear tax article] Which is too high.

the first reason is that iphone is so much costly.

2. High-Quality Component & Material Uses

The materials or components used for making the iPhone or Apple products those material are also so much expensive.

rare types of metals like aluminum, iron, lithium, gold, and copper are used in making iPhone components which are costlier than Android components.

Apart from this, natural resources like water, carbon dioxide, and oxygen are also used to make a iPhones.

All these metals & natural resources are imported from different countries, in which Apple has to invest a lot in transport.

that is another reason why Apple is so expensive in India, these components make the quality is much better than Android.

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3. All Apple Products has Eco System

The iPhone Eco System makes the iPhone special in mobile industry. What is Eco-System?

“EcoSystem” Call it software or we can say a system that connects & operate all Apple products like iPhone, Mac, iPad, Watch, etc.

For example, if you are playing a game on iPhone then you can play the same game in other Apple products as well you have.

that means all the products of Apple work with each other, this is the Apple Eco System which makes it different from other Android mobile and makes the iPhone special & expensive.

4. Much Expenditure In Research & Development

Apple is spending a lot of money on the Apple product research and development segment.

If look at Apple’s Expenditure in the 2021 fiscal, then about 21.91 billion U.S. Dollars were spent on development & research, which according to 2020 is 3 billion US dollars more.

Apple research makes special products like iPhone, iPod, MacBook, and iPad and spends it in improving all of these products, due to which Apple products are very expensive.

5. high tax Compared to the UNITED STATE

The tax on iPhones in India is higher than in other countries. If we talk about the United States, then there is about a 9.25% (it may differ from state to state) tax on iPhones. If we look at India then 18% GST on iPhones which is much higher than in the UNITED STATE.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook also admitted that iPhone is so expensive in India because India’s taxes & duties are much high compared to the United States.

why apple products are expensive in india
Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max 128GB Space Black

6. Security, Performance Much Better

iPhone has its own App Store and Data Store system, which makes the product of iPhone more secure.

iPhone has its own operating system & processor, which is much faster than an Android phone, the performance of the iPhone is much better than other mobiles.

so the best specification, security, the performance of the iPhone are very popular in the world & trusted by people.

Due to this, the demand for the iPhone increases, and its price is also seen increasing.

7.iPhone does not own Store & Retailer

The reason why Apple products are so expensive in India, The main reason for this, Apple is not being able to reach the product directly to the customer.

Because Apple does not have any retail stores in India, Apple has to partner with third-party stores and those stores charge a huge commission on Apple products.

That’s why the price of Apple products price increasing a lot and there is a craze among people everyone wants to buy Apple products at high prices also.

But Apple’s new retail store is going to open in Mumbai in May 2023, in which all the products or services of the iPhone will be given directly to the customer.


iPhone or Apple Products are very popular in the world, there is a lot of curiosity about the iPhone among people.

the biggest reason for its popularity & demand is its performance and security which makes it much better than other Android phones.

But some people also want to buy iPhones to show off.

cause of reasons, there is a lot of demand for the iPhone & Apple products and the price of the iPhone is very become high & more expensive.