List of Best Helmet Company in India 2022

It is very important to wear a helmet while driving any two-wheeler, and it is very important for the helmet to be strong and secure.

If you also drive a motorcycle or scooter then you should wear the Best helmet & best helmet company in India, so that you can drive safely & avoid road accidents.

Best helmet brands in india

Govt. of India has set some parameters for the safety of the helmet, For example, the helmet should be ISI & BIS certified and the weight of the helmet should be up to 1.2 Kg.

If you also want information about such Helmet Brand, Which best helmet for bike or scooter so, You must see this list, in this, we have given the best helmet brand name list.

All these helmet brands come in the list of best helmets in India, So without wasting time know which are the best helmet brands in India. [water purifier brand]

List Of Best Helmet Company in India [Made in India]

1. Vega

Vega company’s headquarters are located in Belgaum, India since 1982. The company has been working in manufacturing helmets in India for three decades.

Vega company focuses on the best quality helmets. Vega Company has several manufacturing plants in India, all equipped with in-house design, machining, fabrication, assembly, and testing facilities on these plants.

Vega Company Info

Establish In1982
Headquater InBelgaum, India
ProductHelmet, Accessory
Certified byBIS, Dot, ECE, for motorcycle helmet
Dealer in IndiaAbove 400
Official Website

2. Studds

The corporate office of Studds Accessories Ltd. is located in Faridabad, Haryana. This company makes 14 million helmets each year.

Studds Helmet company has been manufacturing helmets for 5 decades and making safety helmets for a two-wheeler for bike riders. (best helmet under 5000)

Studds company is a “Made in India” helmet brand, There are four manufacturing plants in India that are located in Haryana.

Studds Company info

Establish in1973
Corporate OfficeHaryana
ProductFull, half, Open Helmet Etc.
Approved ByBSI [IS 4151, IS 2925 ]
Official Website

3. Steelbird

Steelbird helmet is made in Indian helmet brand which was started on 13 March 1964. Steelbird exports its manufactured helmets to more than 50 nations.

Steelbird Company’s largest plant is located in Baddi (Himachal Pradesh) with a capacity to manufacture 22000 helmets every day.

there is a wide variety of Helmets for two-wheelers, SBHT has 4 major brands- Steelbird, Ares, Steelbird Air & Ignyte. Steelbird also makes the best helmet for bike, & spare parts, bike accessories also, etc.

Steelbird Company info

Established in13, March 1964
Corporate OfficeDelhi
ProductHelmet. Parts, Accessory
AwardBest Automotive Product 2003, Pride of Country
Official Website /


The glider is one of the top Helmet Brands in India Established in 1993, GLIDERS has been associated with manufacturing Motorcycle Helmets & Accessories for more than 25 years.

Glider’s manufacturing products are beautiful, safe, quality base products. Which is available in the market at an affordable price in the market.

The company has expanded its product in 2005. Its brand name helmet is NXT. NXT made Sporty helmets with safety and quality. (Best Helmet for Bike)

Glinder Helmet Info

Establish in1993
Corporate OfficeHaryana
ProductAll type helmof et & Accessory
Official Website

5. Sai Group “Aerostar”

The SAI Global Group manufactures Aerostar Helmets starting in around 2007. Its corporate office is located in Najafgarh, Delhi. It is the fastest-growing helmet manufacturer brand in India.

This company makes all types of helmets which include open face, half face, full face, and flip helmets. They provide full-face dot-approved helmets for both scooters and bikes at an affordable price.

Aerostar Company info

Establish in2007
Corporate OfficeDelhi
ProductAll Type helmet
Certified byISI, DOT, ECE
Official Website

Given above the helmet brand name helmet is the Indian helmet manufacturing company which is the best brand helmet in India whose information has been taken from various sources.

Q.Why should We use helmets while driving?

Reason for use of a helmet while driving-

Life Safety & Security

The helmet gives us safety & security on road, if suddenly there is an accident on the road while riding, then the helmet plays a big role in saving our life, so we should wear a helmet while driving.

To avoid traffic fine

If you ride a two-wheeler without a helmet, then you can get a fine of up to 1000 rupees and the license can be suspended for 3 months, so we must wear the helmet.

Protect from Sunlight & dust

While driving a two-wheeler, dust particles can enter our eyes with strong wind, which can cause uncomfortable while riding a bike, and dust and soil can also cause infection in our eyes, to avoid all these, we need to have to use the best visor helmet while riding.

Why Should we use made-in-Indian helmet brands?

  • Self-reliant India
    By using products made in India, we make the country self-reliant, And the dependence on other countries ends. That’s why we should also use helmets made in India.
  • India’s money resides in India
    Whenever we use foreign products, then foreign traders take the money of our country to their country, due to which the economy of our country suffers.
  • Benefits to Small Businesses
    If we Indians use the product made in India, then the small trader of India will get the incentive to do their business, which can lead to rapid progress in the economy of India.

    The above points show that we should use more and more products made in India so that the Indian economy and small businessmen can play a full role in the progress in India, in the same way, we should also use the best helmet brands in India, made in India.

Frequency Asked Questions

Q1.Is Vega helmet safe?

Ans. Vega helmets are approved by BIS, Dot, and ECE, for motorcycle helmets, so Vega helmets are safe helmets that are made in Indian brands.

Q2.Which type of helmet is best?

Ans. Full face helmet is best for safety you can select any helmet from the brand of vega, studds, and steel bird.

Q3.which helmet brand is best in India?

Ans. The top three helmet brands in India are-
1. Vega
2. Steelbirds
3. Studds

Q4.What helmets in India are legally allowed to be used?

Ans. Only helmets that are ISI certified and meet BIS standards are legally allowed to be used in India.


All above best helmet company in India that manufacture helmets in their manufacturing plants in India itself. Which is India’s best helmet brand in India If you also want to know about the best helmet brands in India manufactured in India and make for India, then this article of ours will be useful for you.