Attractive color & Design Best Helmet Under 2000 Rupees

Best Helmet under 2000 rupees You are searching on the Internet i.e. you want to buy a better helmet at a better price.

If you are looking for a better option for this, then we are going to tell you some such helmets which you should definitely check out once.

Helmet Under 2000

In this, we have included those helmets which cost 2000 or near this price range and these helmets come from the best brand.

All the helmets included in this list are ISI and BIS Standard, meaning the built quality of all these helmets is the best.

In 2000 rupees, you also get to see much better features with the best-built quality, which you should check out.

List Of Best Helmet Under 2000 Rupees in India 2022

1.Vega Ryker Bolder Full Face Helmet

Vega Ryker Bolder

Full Face Helmet is the best safest helmet during a bike ride, so we have included the Vega Ryker Bolder Full Face Helmet in this list firstly.

This helmet can be bought from Amazon in medium and large sizes, there is six colors option for choosing aal are available in complete graphic design.

Dual Visor has been given in this helmet, which is a very good feature to protect your eyes from strong sunlight in summer during bike rides.

This helmet is very light which weighs 1250 grams. This helmet comes from Vega Brand which is ISI Approved.

Main Feautes

TypeFull Size
VisorDual Visor
SizeM, L,

2.Steelbird SBH-17 Terminator Full Face Helmet

Steelbird SBH-17

If you are looking to get a full graphic design with an attractive look helmet at Rs.2000 then you must check out Steelbird SBH-17 Terminator Full Face Helmet.

The quality of the visor of the helmet is very good, which is capable of showing crystal clear vision during the bike ride & also there is a Scratch-resistant visor.

In terms of comfort, these helmets are quite light and come with Breathable Pedding and Neck Protector which gives you more comfort.

These helmets are made of ABS material, which has been given the best-built quality.

Main Featurs

TypeFull Size
VisorCrystle Clear
SizeS, M, L

3.Steelbird SBA-1 R2K Full Face Graphics Helmet

Steelbird SBA-1 R2K

Steelbird SBA-1 R2K comes with excellent graphics and matte finishing which is 580MM in size which is made for 55-56 cm head size.

Talking about the features of these helmets, then Italian Design Hygienic Interior Multi pore, Breathable Pedding, and Neck Protector which give you comfort when you ride a bike.

The interiors of the helmet are made of Air mash fabrics which keep cool inside the helmet. This helmet is 950 grams which is much lighter according to the full helmets.

Main Feature

TypeFull Size
VisorPlain Visor
SizeM, L,

4.Studds SHIFTER D8 Decor Full Face Helmet


If you are looking for Studds’s best Helmet under 2000 rupees then Studds SHIFTER D8 Decor Full Face Helmet is the best option for you.

The graphic print of this helmet is UV Resistant, Which protects the shine of its paint from the rays of the sun, You get to see it in many attractive colors.

The Visor given in it is Quick Release which can be cleaned by removing from the helmet. Silicone-coated dual visor for clear visibility and ease of use in all lighting conditions.

Main Feature

TypeFull Size
VisorDual & Clean
SizeM, L,

5.Vega Off Road D/V Helmet-S,M,L Size


Vega Off-Road D/V Helmet is an affordable helmet that comes with Graphic Design. The design of this helmet is quite attractive and unique.

These helmets of Vega are ISI certified which are made of ABS material, whose built quality is good according to the price.

The weight of this helmet is 1.25g which is quite light. This helmet has a silent quick-release buckle and also helmet visor Scratch registrant.

Main Feature

TypeFull Size

6.Steelbird SBA-2 Moon Full Face Helmet


Steelbird SBA-2 Moon Full Face Helmet Reflected Graphic & Dashing Design looks very attractive in black or white shining color.

If you ride a sporty bike, then this helmet can be a much better option for you. Because the design of this helmet is designed according to the sports bike.

Talking about the special feature in it, this helmet comes with a replaceable interior, which you can change and can also be washed.

High impact ABS plastic has been used to make this helmet, due to which its weight is very high.

Main Features

TypeFull Face
Visor TypeBlack & Gold Visor
SizeM, L,

7.Studds SHIFTER D5 Decor Full Face Helmet

Studds shifter D5

Studds is the SHIFTER D5 Decor Full Face Helmet, which weighs 1.10 kg, which is a very light helmet according to the full face.

Studds Full-face comes with Regulated density EPS; Aerodynamic design helps to reduce air drag, thereby reducing neck strain.

It has been given Silicon Coated Dual Visor which can be easily removed and cleaned. The visibility of the helmet’s visor has also been given much better.

If you want to buy a full-face helmet with a graphic design that is very light then you must check out this helmet.

Main Feature

TypeFull Face
Visor TypeDual Removeable

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How to Measure Helmet Size India

Now question is that how we should measure the size of the helmet? So let us tell you that for this you can use helmet size chart India. Which we have mentioned through the image below.

First of all, you have to take the measurement of your entire head with the help of a tailor tap.

After that, you have to note down the size number of your head which is in Inches or Centimeter millimeters also.

Now the sizes of helmets are XS, S, M, L, XL, so you have to choose the helmet according to the number of your head as shown in the image.

Now wearing that helmet properly, if you feel comfortable in the size of the helmet, then it will be the right helmet for your head.

helmet size chart india

Helmet Size chart guide

You can take your correct measurement by adopting this method, but you should pay attention to the right and your comfort so that you do not have problems during the drive and the helmet does not come off easily.

Frequency Asked Questions

Q1.Which is the best helmet brand in India?

Ans. Vega, Studds, Steelbird best Helmet brand in India, these most helmet ISI certified & BIS Standard Certified.

Q2.what is the safest helmet in India?

Ans. Full Face helmet safest helmet in India, if we compare it with half face helmet. and also helmet most is certified with the ISI mark. to check vega helmet is original?

Ans. If you buy a helmet from a Vega Authorised dealer or online method then that helmet should be original when you buy a vega helmet check the original bill from the seller. to wash vega helmet?

Ans. You must clean the helmet once a week. You can use a lightly dampened cotton cloth to clean the helmet & visor and use an aromatic spray to remove the odor inside.