5 Best Helmets Under 5000 Rupees in India

The helmet is a must to wear when you ride a bike if you are also looking for buying a new helmet whose cost is around 5000 rupees.

Then we are going to tell you the best helmet under 5000 rupees which can be a much better option for you.

Best Helmet Under 5000

There are many helmets in the market under 5000 rupees, but when we buy helmets under 5000 rupees, then we should choose the best helmet with inbuilt quality and safety.

because we are investing Rs 5000 in a helmet then it is important to have built quality, safety, and comfort with better features in the helmet. (Best Graphic Design Helmet)

Whenever you see the best helmet under 5000, then you should buy the helmet after proper research.

We have also researched some helmet brands which are very good under 5000 which we are going to share with you.

Best Helmet Under 5000 Rupees in India

1.Axor Apex Vivid Helmet Large

Axor apex vivid

The Axor Apex helmet has come with an attractive design with safety features and strong built quality, which is a very good option for helmet under 5000 rs.

These are budget-friendly premium helmets, The helmet is made from ABS plastic and polycarbonate shell which is capable of delivering high performance.

A double D-Ring Strap has been given in this helmet which gives you more security during the ride.

The biggest thing is that these helmets are certified to all the safety standards of ISI, [India] Dot MFVSS 218 [US], and ECE R-22.05 [Europe].

This helmet gives stability and comfort even in high-speed rides. Lastly, this helmet has been given a sporty design with safety, quality, and comfort.

Main Feature

  1. Homologation- ECE-R-22.05 & Dot MFVSS 218 Certified.
  2. ABS & Polycarbonate Material for High Performance.
  3. Double D-Ring Stripe for More Sentry.
  4. Dual Visor both Quick toolless change mechanism.
  5. upper air intake vent position for maximizing air into the interior.

2.Axor Street Okami Dull Black Grey Helmet

Axor Street Okami

Axor Street Okam helmet black and the red color combination looks quite attractive. The weight of this helmet is 1.60kg which is quite light.

that helmets are a very good option for tourists and tracking and can be used with comfort on long rides.

It gets an Ultra-Wide Visor and the rider can see 70% more downward angle compared to other helmets.

these helmets are ISI, Dot, and ECE Standard Certified helmets with Double D-Ring making them more secure and safe which is a better feature in this price.

If you want to buy a full-face helmet that is quite lightweight as well as can be used for long distances then you must check out the Axor Street Okami helmet.

Main Feature

  1. ISI Certified with ECE & Dot Approved Staderd Helmet.
  2. ABS & Polycarbonate materials use for making it.
  3. Quality Double D-Ring Strap for more safety.
  4. Remove &Washable Interiors Helmet.
  5. Upper-Air Intak vent for maximixe air into the interior.
  6. Dual Visor & toolless visor change mechanism system.

3.SMK Twister Logo Full Face Helmet 

SMK Twister Logo Full Face Helmet 

The SMK Twister Logo Full-face helmet comes in three color combinations white, black, and orange with an attractive and dashing design best for sporty bike helmets.

this helmet comes with Bluetooth-enabled equipment, which Makes your communication convenient without taking off the helmet.

For better protection, double shell protection has been given in this helmet and from the point of view of dermatology, these helmets are allergy-free which gives you both safety and convenience.

It has two visors, both are UV-resistant and scratch-resistant, the external visor is convenient and the internal visor protects the eyes from sunlight.

If you use a sports bike and want to buy a helmet with a much better feature in 5000, then you can check out this helmet.

Main Features

  1. Equipped with Bluetooth module for communication.
  2. ECE 22.05 is certified for uncompromised safety & peace of mind.
  3. Double shells for enhanced protection and structural rigidity.
  4. UV-resistant and scratch-resistant dual visor design.
  5. remove and washable the inner liner for prolonged freshness.

4.Steelbird SA-2 Terminator 2.0 Aeronautics Full Face Helmet


Steelbird Best helmet brand in India & Steelbird SA-2 is a much better helmet that costs around 3000 which can be called a value-for-money helmet.

that helmet, you get to see Small, Medium, and Large Sizes with Aerodynamic Design makes this helmet more beautiful.

You can also remove, wash & replace that helmet interior used in it so that you can clean or replace the helmet interior according to the convenience.

These helmets come with Anti-fog Shield & come with ISI Mark Certified helmets that attest to their quality and safety.

If we talk about the special feature, then it has been given Breath Deflector, Chin Curtain, Nose Guard, and Airflow Ventilation System, this brand and feature can be a much better option at this price.

Main Features

  1. This Helmet comes with AirFlow Ventilation System.
  2. High impact thermoplastic shell & Breathable Padding.
  3. Quick Release Micro Metric Buckle for Comfort.
  4. Graphic & Aerodynamic Design for Attractive look.
  5. ISI Marked Certified Helmet in India.
  6. Other Features: Breath Deflector, Chin Curtain, airflow.

5.TVS XPOD – Blistering Black Helmet [M,L,XL]

TVS XPOD - Blistering Black Helmet

TVS XPOD – Blistering Helmet comes with a budget-friendly and better feature, this helmet weight is much lighter than other helmets. This helmet gives a very different look in black and red dark color.

The helmet features multiple air intake and outlet spaces for ample air circulation. The helmet also features a sleek and angular design. Its ergonomically designed structure cuts through the air with optimum efficiency.

The helmet offers a chin curtain at the front end which protects the rider from the dust while also muffling the external noise.

The structure of this helmet is designed with multi-density EPS that allows greater protection & impact absorption. This shell is extremely rigid and made with high-density material to keep the rider safe.

Main Features

  1. There are many places in this helmet so that the flow of air is maintained.
  2. This helmet has a front chin curtain which protects the rider from dust.
  3. Removable Liner and Premium Reflective Padding with comfort.
  4. Quick Release & multiple position adjustment set Stripe.
  5. There is a provision to add a Bluetooth headset to this helmet.

Frequency Asked Question

Q1.TVS XL Heavy Duty is scooter or moped and whether PUC and helmet is required to drive it or not?

Ans. If you are using a petrol or diesel two-wheeler then you have to require PUC & helmet when you drive or shit on the back two-wheeler.

Q2.Is XPOD helmet the same as the Axor helmet?

Ans.No, the TVS XPOT helmet is not the same as the Axor Helmet there much difference between in price & Feature,

Q3.Amazon & Flipkart is an authorized dealer of Axor helmets?

Ans.No, Amazon & Flipkart is not an authorised dealer but there is a seller who is selling original products if you feel that not original helmets then you can return or replacement within 7days.

Q4.Which helmet is the best steelbird or SMK?

Ans. steelbird & SMK both are the best helmets in India, both are completely certified helmets by the Indian government.