Boat Rockerz 450 Vs 450 Pro Headphone, Which is Best?

Boat Rockerz 450 Vs 450 Pro which one should we buy? Which headphone specification is better?

If you also want to know the difference between the specification of both wireless headphones, then you must read this article.

Boat Rockerz 450 Vs 450 Pro

We have fully shown the Boat Rockerz 450 Pro Vs 450 specification with the help of the table in this article.

So that you can know what is the difference between Boat Rockerz 450 Vs 450 Pro & you select the best headphone.

And what we saw the difference between these two wireless headphones, we have told briefly in end.

So after reading the full article, choose the right wireless headphone. (Boat Rockerz 330 Vs Boat 255 Pro Plus)

Boat Rockerz 450 Vs 450 Pro Specification

Boat Rockerz 450Boat Rockerz 450 Pro
boAt Rockerz 450boAt Rockerz 450
Available inAvailable in
Main SpecsMain Specs
Headphone TypeHeadphone Type
Driver SizeDriver Size
40 MM40 MM
Driver TypeDriver Type
Moving CoilMoving Coil
HD Deep BassHD Deep Bass
Sensitivity (dB)Sensitivity (dB)
Frequency ResponseFrequency Response
Battery CapacityBattery Capacity
300 mAh750 mAh
Battery LifeBattery Life
15 Hours70 hours
Charging TypeCharging Type
Charging TimeCharging Time
3 hours2-3 hours
Bluetooth or AUXBluetooth or AUX
Bluetooth VersionBluetooth Version
Bluetooth RangeBluetooth Range
10 Meter10 Meter
In-built MicIn-built Mic
Voice AssistantVoice Assistant
Voice, ButtonVoice, Button
Android, Windows, iOsAndroid, Windows, iOs
Country Of OriginCountry Of Origin
Beige,Black,LightblueBlue, Beige, Black, white
View on FlipkartView on Flipkart

[Different] BoAt Rockerz 450 vs BoAt Rockerz 450 Pro

BoAt Rockerz 450 is available only in Aqua Blue and Luscious Black colors while BoAT Rockerz 450 Pro is available in other colors Hazel Beige and White Purity also.

BoAt Rokcerz 450
BoAt Rokcerz 450

apart from the color, there is not much difference in the design of wireless headphones, the built quality of both is also seen as the same.

Talking about the sound of Boat 450 Vs 450 Pro, both have 40 MM Driver. Boat Rockerz 450 has 108dB±3dB Sensitivity (dB) Boat Rockerz 450 Pro has 80db<+/-0.1% Sensitivity (dB) both has HD Sound quality so that is not much difference in sound.

BoAt Rocker 450 Pro
BoAt Rocker 450 Pro

I look at the difference between Boat Rockerz 450 Vs 450 Pro, then there is a lot of difference in the battery, Boat Rockerz 450 has a 300 mAh battery which gives 15 hours of playtime, and Boat Rockerz 450 Pro has a 750 mAh battery which gives around 70 hours of playtime if listened at 60 percent volume, both headphones charging time are almost same.

There is not much difference in charging time in both over-ear headphones. BoAt Rocerz 450 Pro is a better option in terms of battery.

For connectivity, both Aux and Bluetooth options are given. Both Boat 450 vs 450 have Bluetooth 5.0, which has good connectivity up to 10 meters.

Boat 450 Pro Vs Boat 450 Pricing in India

Boat Rockerz 450 Pro price is 1999 Rupees and BoAT Rockerz 450 price is 1499 Rupees on Flipkart.

Boat Rockerz 450 Pro price is Rs.500 more which is considered only because of the long battery life and fast charging support.


Boat Rockerz 450 Vs 450 Pro Both are much better over-ear-headphones according to price. There isn’t much difference between the two except for the battery and charger.

If you want to use headphones for a long time without wired then you should go towards BoAt Rockerz 450 Pro otherwise both headphones are wired and wireless connectivity has been provided in BoAT 450 or 450 pros which are equally useful in both without battery.