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[8 Tips] Helmet Buying Guide India: You Should Know Before Buying

Do you ride a bike and search for the best helmet in India then before that you need to pay attention to some important points before buying a helmet. How to select the best Helmet for a bike ride you need to read these tips helmet buying guide India that we are going to tell you about in this article.

helmet buying guide india

The helmet is the main accessory of the bike rider, the helmet serves to keep our head safe during the road accident, Helmet not only saves us from road accidents but also protects us from traffic challan during the ride & While riding a bike, dust and dirt can also get into our eyes, helmets protect us from this too.

Helmet saves us from accidents, traffic police, and many problems, so you must always use a helmet during a bike ride. Now it comes to how to choose a helmet for a motorcycle in this article we give you some helmet buying guide India which is very helpful for you.

Helmet Buying Guide India [Best Tips]

Types of Helmet in the market

  1. Types of Helmet
    There are three types of helmets available in Indian market, which you can buy according to your convenience.
    1.Open Face Helmet
    The Open face helmet are cheap and light, they do not have jaws, due to which these cuase helmets are not able to cover your entire face and head, this helmet is used by mostly women, this type of helmet is not good for a high-speed ride.

2. Full Face Helmet
Full Face helmets are expensive and heavy, they come with jaws that cover your entire head and face. Full face helmet is the best, which keeps you safe from road accidents. You can also use this helmet for high-speed rides.

3. Modular Helmet
Modular Helmet India is a special design helmet in which Open Face Helmet and Full Face Helmet have been facility available. If you are riding a bike at high speed then you can convert it to a full-face helmet if you are driving on the local road then you can be turn into an open-face helmet, it is designed for convenience for you.

8 Tips For Two Wheeler Helmet Buying Guide India

  1. Helmet Built Quality
    The best helmets are made of carbon fiber and fiberglass. these material made helmet is very lightweight with unbreakable strength, the cost of this type of helmet is much costly compare to other materials so you should choose made of these tyoe of material’s helmet.

2. Helmet weight in India
If you are choosing a heavy-weight helmet then, you are choosing the wrong helmet. According to the Indian Government notification 2018, the helmet weight should not be more than 1.2 Kg, the avg helmet weight according to the Indian rule is 700Gram to 1.20 Kg, this is the best helmet for you, which is the right standard of the Indian government.

3. Helmet Size
Whenever you buy a helmet, you should choose a helmet according to your head’s size and convenience, and the best way for this, you have to thoroughly check the shop before buying a helmet. When the helmet is neither loose nor tight and gives you comfort, then this helmet is better for you.

4. Helmet Visor
The chosen helmet of the visor should be made of fiberglass, which is very strong, whenever you buy a helmet, the visor should be Anti UV, anti-Scratch Resistant. Anti-UV Visor protects us from the rays of the sun and an Anti-Scratch helmet is clearly visible on the road so that there is no problem in riding the bike, so the visor of the helmet should be Anti-UV and Scratch Resistant which is the best helmet visor.

5. Strap & Buckle
If the buckle or lock of the helmet is loose, then it can get off the head during an accident, due to Head injury can happen, so the buckle of the helmet must be tight and the quality of the strap should also be strong so that, the helmets do not fall from the head during an accident. for that, you can test by pulling both the strap and the buckle tightly when buying a helmet if these are not broken it is best.

6. ISI & BIS Certification
According to the government rules, now only helmets with ISI mark and BIS [Bureau of Indian Standards] certification are valid in India, so you should choose helmets that come with only ISI and BIS certification because these helmets are quality checked and tested by the government rule, these types of helmet are checked from the process which is a better helmet.

7. Comfort
It is very important to be comfortable during the ride a two-wheeler, so while buying a helmet, wear it and check it properly, if you get comfort in its size and weight, only then you should choose that helmet, otherwise you will feel discomfort while riding the bike with uncomfortable helmet, you will not be able to drive the two-wheeler properly.

8. Brand & Price
While taking a helmet, you should choose a good brand and compare its price with other brands and cover all the points given by us so that you can buy a good brand helmet at the right price which can satisfy you completely.

If you want to choose the best helmet then you should keep in mind all the above-mentioned points in this article, these are the important points of the best helmet buying guide India which you must see while buying a helmet.

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Frequency Asked Quetions

Q.Where can I get imported helmets for bikes?

Ans. You can check out Amazon or Flipkart’s website there are many brand helmets available.

Q.Is a mask is compulsory while driving a two-wheeler alone? 

Ans. Yes, the mask is compulsory while driving a two-wheeler in any city.

Q.Can I return a bike helmet due to a size issue on Amazon?

Ans. Yes, You can return or replace the bike helmet due to a size issue on amazon.

Q.Is there a challan on e-bike without helmet and paper for 18?

Ans. Yes, you are driving without a helmet and paper you get challan by the traffic police.

Q.Do we get a free kit and helmet on two-wheelers?

Ans. Maybe according to the offer and city it depends on the dealer but you can get it from the bike showroom.

Q.What should be the avg helmet weight in India?

Ans. According to the Indian Government, the Avg helmet weight in India, from 700 grams to 1.20 kg.


In this article, we have tried to tell you some important points for helmet buying guide India in this article which you can apply while buying a helmet, which will prove to be very useful in choosing the best helmet in India you have to select the best helmet in India which cost is dependent on your budget.

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