How to Make Money Online Without Investment

Everyone wants to know how to make money online with investment in India on the Internet, there is definitely a question in everyone’s mind that can we really earn money online?

Today we will give you complete information about this topic and will tell you about the ways with the help of you can make money online special student or housewife as work from home.

Make Money Online Without Investment

Tips List of Make Money onine in India

Can We Make Money Online?

Yes, Everyone can make money online without investment or minimum investment from the Internet there are many methods are available With the help of you can earn money online.

Below we have mention 20 Methods for Earn money online for Everyone

Realy Method of Make Money Online in India

1. Become a Freelancer2. Stocks Marketing
3. Youtube Creator4. Social Media
5. E-Book Publishing6. Sell a Course
7. Online Tutor8. Virtual Assistance
9. Transcription10. Affiliate Marketing
11. Content Writing12. Data Entry
13. Make a Blog14. Survey Website
15. Buy Sell Domain16. Facebook
17. Reselling Product18. Sell Photo
19. Recruitment20. Gaming
Earn money Method

Apart from these twenty ways you can earn money online, there are many ways with the help of you can earn money from the internet you can check for best online earning app.

Few Tips for earn money online without investment for students in india

  1. It is very important for you to have the patience to earn money online because it can take a lot of time to earn money from the internet.
  2. The competition of earn money online from the Internet is very high, so you have to give your best.
  3. The way you want to earn money online, you should have the best skills in the market particualr subject and you should improve that skills further.
  4. For blogging, affiliate marketing and youtube, you need a large audience that can you get only from your good content and it can take you time you affert.
  5. If you are searching for Data Entry work on the Internet, then I tell that most of the Data Entry jobs on Internet are fake. You should never do pay for any data entry project or job as work form home.
  6. Skills are most important, if you have such skills in which you have a very good hold, then it can be very easy for you to earn money online.
  7. You do not get quick results from online or it may be fale in this field some times, so do such a job together so that you keep earning well and you can do try online earning method as a part time.
  8. Earn money from online does not require only hardwork, for this you have to work with smart work also.

Earn money online is not easy, but once you become successful in it, then you can earn well. Time, skill, and consistency are very important for earn money online.

Now let’s know about the best method to earn money online in India for students, housewives.

What You Need for Online Earning

  1. Mobile
  2. Computer/ Laptop
  3. Internet Connection

Best Way to Make Money Online in India without Investment

  • Youtube Creator
    You can do Online Earning by becoming a Youtube Creator, these are a much better option for everyone. If you are a student or a housewife, you can become a Youtube Creator by making a video according to your interest.

    You have to make those videos in which you are interested and people like to watch it, when you fulfill the policy of youtube, then ads will start running in your video and your earning will also start.
  • Blogging Or Website
    Blogging is the best option to earn money online, in which you can earn unlimited money. If you like to write and you have a good knowledge on any subject then blogging can be the best option for you, you can earn money in many ways from blogging.

    Through blogging, you can earn money from Google Adsense.You can also earn a lot of money from Affiliate Marketing through blogging, in this you can also earn money from Sponsorship.
  • Transcripton Job
    Transcription jobs are also one of the best options from which you can earn good money. There are many websites on the Internet where you can earn money by translating.

    First of all you have to create your account by visiting the website, after that you have to pass the test, when you pass the test then you can get Transcription job. You have to complete according to the guidelines, when the project is passed by the client, then the money is transferred to you by the client.
  • Online Tutor
    Online Tution is the best option for the housewife, if you have a good knowledge in any subject then you can earn good money by giving online tutoring. There are many websites in the internet who hired teachers to give online tuition, and you can also apply on those website.

    On the other hand, you can also give online Tution through Youtube, in this you can earn good money from Youtube ads, nowadays students can also like to study through youtube, you can also earn good money by give classes like cooking, dancing and singing on youtube.
  • E-Book Publishing
    Student should have good knowledge in any subject and student can publish E-book in that subject. If we talk about women, then women can also earn money by publishing their e-book, just they also have good knowledge in any subject or topic. It is most important that both students and women can give good information in their E-book.

    You can promote your published E-Book with the help of Amazon or youtube or any website, any person buys that E-book from which you get its price.
  • Affiliate Marketing
    Affiliate marketing is also a very good option, with the help of which students and women can earn good money, for this you can earn money online by creating your website and promoting Amazon’s products or Earn karo and Cashkaro app also good option for earn money online.

    In this, you can permote the product of websites like Amazon flipkart and mytra, if any product is sold with the help of the product mentioned by you, then you get its commission which both woment and student can earn good money.
  • Part Time Work at Home
    Women can also do office work from home, in which recruitment and content writers are very good options. There are many websites and companies that hire part time content writers for their website and recruitment firms can also give you facility to work for him at home.

    You can do both these jobs work from home, in this you can earn money according to the content and recruitment, you have to hire employees for the company which are both very good. You can also do a job like Telecaller sitting at home.

What should You Need Make Money Online in India?

If you want to make money online in India then you have some quality like-

  • Constancy at work
  • Deep Infomation particular subject.
  • Give Complete Infomation to Audience.
  • Smart work & Hardwork.
  • integrity to the audience or Client.

Now Take Action and built a targeting source of earing which is best for you and other topics and earn online through the internet.


If you are searching to make money online in India, then we hope you have got information from this article. In today’s time,

it is very important to have various sources of earning which make us financially strong, you can earn money online by using our given method which helps you.

Frequency Asked Questions

Q.How can a student earn money online without any investment in India?

Ans. Students can make money online through affiliate marketing, blogging, youtube which is suitable for the student.

Q.I want to earn money online but I am a student of class 10 help me out?

You can give offline/online tuition to the class below 5 standards and make good money.

Q.Which is the best website for online tuition?

Ans. these are websites for giving online tuition.

Q.How can earn money from shopping?

Ans. You can use Meesho, CashKaro app to earn money online for shopping.