How to Unhide App in Redmi Xiaomi [Complete Guide]

Hiding apps on a mobile phone can serve many purposes, from keeping essential apps organized on the home screen to being useful in hiding financially important apps on mobiel phone.

How to Hide or Unhide App in Redmi

There are many benefits of hiding apps. In this introduction, we will try to explain some of its importance.

  • Privacy and Security: One of the primary reasons for hiding apps is to protect your privacy. Some apps may contain sensitive information, personal data, or content that you’d rather keep hidden from prying eyes, especially when you lend your phone to others.

  • Well Organizing Screen: As we download more apps, our home screens can become cluttered. Hiding apps can help in organizing the phone home screen, and we can organize only the essential apps on the home screen.

  • Work-Life Balance: Maintaining a clear distinction between personal and work-related apps. We can protect work-related apps by hiding them from the home screen, so that we maintain balance between our life apps and work apps.

We have told some benefits of hiding apps in mobile. Now let us know how to Hide App in Redmi Mobile step by step.

How to Hide or Unhide App in Redmi 9A

How to Hide App in Redmi Mobile Step-By-Step

If you want to hide some of your apps from the mobile home screen, you will have to follow the steps given below.

  • Scroll Down Head of the Phone.
  • Click on the Setting Icon.
  • Click on App Option.
  • you have seen App Lock or Hideen App Option.
  • Click on App Lock Option.
  • Now you can Lock App by Swipe.

Here is the few step follow you can hide your Redmi Mobile Apps.

How to Unhide apps in Redmi step-by-step

When we hide any app in Redmi Mobile Phone, then we also have to unhide it if necessary.

For this, you can unhide the app by following some steps given below.

  • First of all you have to scroll down from the head of the mobile.
  • After that you have to click on the Settings Icon.
  • After that you have to click on App Option.
  • After that you will see Hide and Unhide options on the head of the mobile screen.
  • Now click on Hidden option.
  • Now you can unhide App which you need by Swip on right side button.

By following these few steps, you can easily unhide the app of your Redmi mobile phone.


There are many apps in our mobile which are unused or require privacy, The best way for this is to hide unused and personal privacy apps.

For this, in this article we have told you How to Hide or Unhide App in Redmi mobile.

Read the entire article and keep your app secure and organized.

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Ans.Siply Type Code  *#06# in your dial Number you can check Redmi imei Number.

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Ans.redmi note 11s tagline is “Set The Bar

Q3.Which is best app hider?

Ans.App hider is the best App for Hide App in the mobile phone.

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