How to Activate Jio 5g in Androd Phone & iPhone

Reliance Jio has almost made 5G service available across India, And by the end of 2023, 5G service will be provided in some remaining cities also in india.

Now 5G mobiles are available in India at very low prices, hence everyone wants to use 5G service in their mobile phones.

Now, question is that “How to Activate Jio 5g in Androd Phone?”

So let us know how you can activate Jio 5 Network in your Android phone.

How to Activate Jio 5G Android phone.

  • Go to the phone’s settings.
  • Tap on “Mobile network”.
  • Choose Jio SIM and then tap on the ‘Preferred network type’ option.
  • Now select 5G.

How to Activate Jio 5G in iPhone-

  • Open Settings section
  • Then select “Mobile Data”
  • Now go to “Voice and Data”
  • Select “5G AUTO” as well as “5G Standalone On” to connect to Jio 5G.

how to check 5g network in my area jio

To use 5G network in any smartphone, it is necessary to have 5G service in that area, only then we can use 5G internet in our mobile phone.

Now question is that “how to check 5g network in my area jio?”

For this you can use open signal app and know whether there is 5G internet in your area or not, along with this you will also be able to find out which company has 5G network.

For this you will have to follow the steps given below:

  • First of all you have to download “One Signal App”
  • Now Open your GPS Location on your mobile phone
  • Now Open App in you Mobile phone.
  • Now Click on Location Sign on Open signal App.[Available in below Taskbar]
  • Now you can Above the screen “All Operator Name” or View Network Stats.
  • Select “Show All Network”
  • then “Select 5G”
  • Now wherever there is green area cover, 5G internet is available in that area.
  • You can also check your area thoroughly by zooming.

You can learn about 5G internet by following some steps of One Signal App.

Can I Upgrade My 4G Phone to 5G?

Unfortunately, upgrading a 4G phone to a 5G phone isn’t as simple as a software update, 5G capability is not just a software feature;

it requires specific hardware components and antennas that support 5G frequencies. These components include a 5G modem and appropriate infrastructure within the phone to handle 5G faster speeds 5G phone has different network bands.

if your phone was not originally manufactured with 5G capabilities, it is not possible to upgrade it to 5G.

What is the Benefit of 5G Network?

The 5G network brings several benefits compared to 4G Network. few benefits of 5g Network given below:

  1. Fast Speeds: 5G promises significantly faster speeds than 4G, 3G, 2G Network. It can potentially deliver peak data rates of several gigabits per second, enabling quicker downloads and smoother streaming.
  2. Increased Connectivity: 5G Network is today’s advanced technology Network, through which a large number of devices can be connected, and the performance of all devices can also be increased.
  3. Enhanced User Experience: Faster and more stable connectivity enhances user experiences, with faster downloading and uploading, which is useful for today’s social generation.

What to do when your phone doesn’t support 5G?

If you does not support a 5G Network then you will need a new 5G Smartphone, only then you can use 5G Internet.Also, before you get a new device, do make sure that it is 5G compatible Smartphone.

 Is 5G SIM available in India?

Yes, 5G Sim Available in India, if you have 4G Sim then some time it is enable 5G Network or if you previous 4G Sim not support 5G then you can upgrade it from Jio Stor or Airtel Store.

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