boat stone 1200 vs 1400 Mini Which One is Best Speaker?

boat stone 1200 vs 1400 mini Which should I buy? What is the difference between boAt Stone 1400 Mini vs boAt Stone 1200?

boat stone 1200 vs 1400 Mini

If you want to see a comparison of the specification of these two Bluetooth speakers, then we have compared these specs in the table below.

so that you can choose the right and better Bluetooth speaker.

So let’s know about the specification of these two Boat speakers, and compare them.

boat stone 1200 vs 1400 Mini Specs Comparison

boat stone 1200BoAt Stone1400 Mini
boat-stone-1200boat stone 1400 mini
BoAt BoAt
12001400 Mini
Release onRelease on
12 January 202126 December 2019
Speaker TypeSpeaker Type
Driver SizeDriver Size
76mm * 2 Drivers5.7 cm
Sensitivity (dB)Sensitivity (dB)
Frequency ResponseFrequency Response
Power OutputPower Output
Battery Capacity Battery Capacity 
3600 mAh2000 mAh
Playback TimePlayback Time
9 hours6 hours
Charging TimeCharging Time
4 hours2.5 hours
Charging TypeCharging Type
Bluetooth VersionBluetooth Version
Bluetooth RangeBluetooth Range
10 Meter10 Meter
IPX RatingIPX Rating
USB, Aux, FMUSB, Aux
TWS FeatureTWS Feature
In-Built MicIn-Built Mic
Control TypeControl Type
All Bluetooth DevicesAll Bluetooth Devices
Blue, Black. MaroonBlack, Olivedrab
Country Of OriginCountry Of Origin
View on AmazonView on Amazon


In this article, we have a complete comparison of the full specification of boat stone 1200 vs 1400 Mini.

If you wanted to know about the full specs of Boat stone 1200 vs boat stone 1400 mini, want to compare both.

then, It will help you to know which Bluetooth speaker is best for you.

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Frequency Asked Question

Q1.Q: Does Boat Stone 1200 have FM?

Ans. Yes, Boat Stone 100 has FM You can enjoy music on FM Playstore.

Q2.Does boat Stone 1400 Mini have FM?

Ans.No, BoAt stone 1400 Mini has no FM Support.

Q3.Does boAt Stone 1200 have a mic?

Ans. Yes, BoAt Stone 1200 or BoAt stone 1400 Mini has an in-built microphone.

Q4.Is boAt Stone 1400 Mini waterproof?

Ans.No, BoAt Stone 1400 Mini comes with IPX5 Rating which is Splash proof, not waterproof.

Q5.Can we use the boat’s Bluetooth speaker while charging?

Ans. You can use the boat’s Bluetooth speaker while charging, but I will not recommend for this