Which is Best? Boat Bassheads 100 vs 102 Details Comparison

Boat Bassheads 100 vs 102? The cost of both earphones is under Rs.400. Which earphones should I buy?

boat Bassheads 100 vs 102
Boat Bassheads 100 vs 102

Boat Bassheads 100 vs 102 are mid-range wired earphones from the Boat brand. There is only a slight difference in their price & specification.

If you are confused about which wired earphones should you buy at this price?

Then definitely read a comparison of boat Bassheads 100 vs 102, then you should definitly choose the right wired earphone.

So let’s know what are the differences between these wired earphones, and which earphones will be best for you.

boat bassheads 100 vs 102 Specs Comparison

Boat Bassheads 100Boat Bassheads 102
General InfoGeneral Info
Basshead 100Basshead 102
Released onReleased on
16 May 201727 May 2019
Connect TypeConnect Type
10 MM10 MM
Sound TypeSound Type
Sensitivity (dB)Sensitivity (dB)
(dB) 92db ±3db(dB) 107db ±3db
Frequency ResponseFrequency Response
Yes [HD]Yes [N/A]
Noise IsolationNoise Isolation
Connected byConnected by
3.5MM Jack3.5MM Jack
Compatible withCompatible with
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Boat Bassheads 100 Review

Boat Bassheads 100 Review
Boat Bassheads 100

It has 10 MM dynamic drivers which come with 16-ohm speaker resistance In this Earphone you get good sound as bass quality.

In this, the company has also given HD Microphone which makes your voice call crystal clear, But the performance of the microphone is not up to the mark only its ok mic.

It also comes with a tangle-free cable its wired quality is called also ok if look at the price.

that’s earphones come with inbuilt button control and the earbuds are also In-Fit & comfortable.

The company gives a 1-year warranty on these earphones, which come with only fewer earphones at this price range.

Boat Bassheads 102 Review

Boat Bassheads 102 Review
Boat Bassheads 102

Boat Bassheads 102 has an 8 MM driver which gives decent sound but due to cost more than Basshead 100, they are not a good choice if we compare to Bassheads 100.

It also has a normal microphone while the Bassheads 100 has an HD microphone if compared to both In-ear then, Boat Basshead 100 has better earphones for music and calling compared to 102.

In Bassheads Good built quality and good design also, this earphone is much better than Boat Basshead 100 if we look at durability.

It has Magnetic Earbuds, Tangle-Free Wired with L-Shape Jack which makes its better-built quality, durability, and comfort better than Bassheads 100.

Even on this, the company gives a warranty of 1 year, but its price is more than Bassheads 100.

Verdict & Conclusion

In Boat Bassheads 100 you get a 10 MM Big Dynamic Driver which gives better sound and HD Mic gives you a better calling experience.

If you are focused on music and calling then you should go with Boat Bassheads 100.

If you want good built quality, Comfortable In-Ear which is durable then you can go with Boat Bassheads 102.

In this, you get Magnetic Buds with Fit In-Ear Buds and PVC Tangle Free with an L-Shape jack which enhances its durability and comfort.

If we see the complete conclusion of this article, both are better earphones, there are only a few differences between them, and you can choose the right earphone according to your need.

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Frequency Asked Question

Q1.Can boat Bassheads 100 connect to keypad phones too?

Ans. Yes, You can connect Boat Bassheads 100 to a keypad phone.

Q2.In which phones Boat Bassheads 102 is not compatible?

Ans. Boat Bassheads 102 is not compatible with phones that do not have a 3.5 jack or newer smartphones that come with a Type-C port.

Q3.Boat Bassheads 102 vs 100 which one is too good?

Ans.?If you need the best sound & Bass go with Bassheads 100 & If you need quality durable & comfortable go with Bassheads 102.

Q4.Boat Bassheads 100 Vs Boat Bassheads 102 How long is the warranty?

Ans. Boat Bassheads 100 Vs Boat Bassheads 102 Both In-Ear Come with 1-Year Warranty.

Q5.Are Boat Bassheads 100 good?

Ans. Yes, Music & calling is good earphone at this price range.

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