Best Wired Earphones Under 300 [ Jan 2024]

If your budget is around 300 rupees and wants to buy the best earphones at this price range then I am going to tell you the best earphones under 300 rupees.

All these earphones come from branded earphones at a low price, which you must check and choose the right earphone of your choice.


In all these earphones, you also get good features with a warranty, which only give branded earphone.

In this, we have made this list keeping in mind the built quality along with sound, and microphone so that you can buy with complete consent.

So let’s know which are the best earphones under 300 rupees in India that you will like definitely buy from amazon.

List Of Best Earphones Under 300 Rupees in India

1.Boult Audio BassBuds Storm-X

Boult Audio BassBuds Storm-X

Boult Audio BassBuds Storm-X is an excellent earphone option that is priced at Rs.300. Its design and built quality are decent.

It has been given neodymium magnet drivers which greatly enhance its sound quality, in this, you get top-grade, punchy, bass-boosted sound, best bass ear phones.

It has an in-line control button, with the help of which you can control the music track as well as receive or disconnect the call without touching your mobile device.

A 3.5 mm jack has been given in this earphone which is compatible with all types of devices like mobile, laptop, desktop, and many more devices which support this jack.

Key Specification

  • neodymium magnet driver for boosted sound.
  • In-line controls for music & calls
  • Compatible with laptops, mobile & tablets
  • best built quality durable & Design
  • IPX5 Splashproof
  • 1-year warranty

2.pTron Pride Evo HBE In-Ear

.pTron Pride Evo HBE In-Ear

pTron Pride Evo HBE are lightweight and trendy, metallic look wired earphones that are available in 4 different colors.

its earphone has 10mm dynamic drivers and neodymium magnets which enables it to deliver full-range sound quality.

It has an in-line control button with an HD microphone, which improves your call experience & gives comfort.

It has a 1.2-meter tangle-free cable which is durable along with a 3.5 mm jack that is compatible with all devices.

The company gives a warranty of 6 months on that in-ear, which costs around 250.

Key Specification

  • 10mm dynamic driver for sound
  • In-line HD Mic for Better Call.
  • In-line control button.
  • Tangle-free durable cable.
  • 3.5MM Jack for connectivity
  • 6 months warranty

3.Philips Audio SHE1505 Wired In-Ear

Philips Audio SHE1505 Wired In-Ear

Philips Audio SHE1505 best earphones under 300 rupees have a better design and this earphone looks quite premium in black finish.

which earcups is given in it are very perfect, capable to block noise around us and give a clear calling experience, They come in three sizes of ear tips that are quite comfortable and fit in-ear.

Talking about the feature in this, a 10 mm sound driver has been given in it, a 1.2 meters cable which comes with a 3.5 mm jack.

It has an In-line microphone and In-line button control, which comes with a 6-month warranty.

Key Specification

  • 10mm driver for sound quality.
  • three sizes of ear tips are available.
  • In-line microphone and call button.
  • Better Noise Cancelling.
  • 3.5mm plug with 1.2m Cable.
  • 6-Month warranty.

4.Ambrane Stringz 38 In-Ear with Mic

Ambrane Stringz 38 In-Ear with Mic

In Ambrane Stringz 38, the built quality and design are good & best color & metallic finishing is In-ear.

If you listen to music a lot, then it is very good for you, in this HD sound and decent bass are also heard which gives you a better music experience.

It has in-built single button control and a 3.5 mm jack which comes with a 1.2-meter cable.

This earphone comes in green black and pink colors, on which the company gives a 6-month warranty, you must check out it.

Key Specification

  • HD driver for Powerful Sound.
  • Tangle-free cable.
  • In-line Single button control.
  • 3.5 MM jack for the Device.
  • 6 Months Manufacturer’s Warranty.

5.Portronics Conch Gama in-Ear

Portronics Conch Gama in-Ear

The Portronics Conch Gama in-Ear comes with a comfortable & ergonomic design that is fit-in-ear and comfortable for everyone.

A magnetic latch has been given in the buds of this earphone, due to which both stick to each other and there is no fear of falling off the earphone that earphone anti-falling.

It has dynamic drivers and a unique shape to fit well and provide a tight seal in the ear, all these give you great sound quality with passive noise canceling.

It has an in-line control button and an in-built microphone so that you make a good calling & music experience.

The price of this earphone is around 250 and the company gives 6-month warranty on it.

Key Specification

  • Dynamic driver for great sound quality.
  • 1.2-meter tangle-free cable with anti-fall.
  • 3.5 mm jack which is compatible with mobile laptops etc.
  • In-line multi-button control with in-line microphone.
  • 6-month manufacturing warranty.

6.Motorola Pace 105 Headphone

Motorola Pace 105 Headphone

Motorola Pace 105 is a much better option if your budget is more than 300 Rs, it comes with a unique design and premium look, and the company gives a 1-year warranty.

It has 10 mm drivers for sound which provide you with clear, crispy, and disturbance-free sound, it is quite fit in-ear with lightweight.

An in-line control button is seen in this earphone which is only a single button from which you can receive and disconnect the call as well an in-line microphone is also available.

These earphones come with smart features like Siri Alexa and Google Assistant support. These earphones are available in many unique colors with premium designs.

Key Specification

  • 10 mm Driver for clear crispy sound quality.
  • In-line control single button for call receive & disconnect.
  • In-line microphone with 3.5mm jack.
  • Premium design with multiple color options.
  • 1-Year manufacturer big warranty
  • comfortable ear phones

7.Portronics Conch Delta POR-1146

Portronics Conch Delta POR-1146

In the list of Portronics best earphones under 300, we have also included Conch Delta POR-1146 which is quite a comfortable fit in-ear and comes within 6 months.

The size of the sound driver given in this earphone is 10 mm, which provides clear sound, its earbud is made of silicon material which is quite soft and also gives comfort.

The length of the cord is given 1.2 meters it comes with a tangle-free cable, which makes its quality and durability very good.

Along with this, in-line control is also seen with an in-line mic, with the help of which you can easily control the volume and calls.

It has a 3.5 mm silver-plated audio jack which is compatible with mobile as well as computers and laptops and these earphones can be purchased from Amazon in black blue and white color.

Key Specification

  • 10mm Driver for crystal clear bass sound quality.
  • Cord length 1.2 meters which is tangle free.
  • works on all devices like computer laptops with 3.5mm audio jack.
  • In-line microphone with In-line Control available.
  • 6-month warranty with this earphone.

8.Portronics Conch Beta in-Ear

Portronics Conch Beta in-Ear

Portronics Conch Beta is another earphone that come from the potronics brand which is better in terms of both comfort and sound.

In this, the company has given a 10 MM Dynamic driver which produces clear sound and decent bass.

The special feature of these earphones is that these earphones come with sweat-free and band-free wires which can prove to be good in increasing their durability.

It has a 3.5 mm jack with an in-line control button & microphone which is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

on that earphone is available in black color, the company gives 6 months warranty on it.

Key Specification

  • 10 MM Dynamic Driver for clear sound & Bass.
  • Tangle & Band Free Wired.
  • In-line Button Control.
  • In-built microphone.
  • Compatible with Android &iOs.
  • 6 Month Warranty

9.WeCool Mr.Bass W001 Snug Fit-in-Ear

WeCool Mr.Bass W001 Snug Fit-in-Ear

WeCool’s Mr.Bass W001 earphones come with decent built-in quality, Along with this, pouches are also given which are helpful in carrying earphones.

In this, the company also claims a better microphone with a good sound which makes it the best earphone under 300.

It’s a sensitivity of 104 dB+/-3 which is very good. you can experience Rich Bass and Surround Sound with those earphones.

Three different extra ear tips are also available with this earphone, which can be used according to the different ear, which is helpful in making it fit-in-ear.

The company gives 6-months warranty on this earphone.

Key Specification

  • Rich Bass and Surround Sound Earphone.
  • Speaker sensitivity 104 db+/-3.
  • come with pouch & ear tips
  • In-built microphone.
  • In-line button control
  • 6-Month Warranty.

10.Mivi Rock and Roll E5 Wired In-Ear

Mivi Rock and Roll E5 Wired In Ear

If you want good sound with a unique design and great colors then you must check out Mivi Rock and Roll E5 In-ear.

In this, the company has given a 10 mm neodymium driver which offers powerful bass with immersive supreme audio.

Snug and Secure In-ear with pure comfort and stability. These earbuds fit you and your lifestyle.

It’s wired tangle-free and the jack-shaped L type that twists and turns as you want.

These earphones are available in a light color on which the company gives a 1-year warranty.

Key Specification

  • 10 mm neodymium driver for sound.
  • Tangle-free cable.
  • In-built Microphone.
  • In-line control button.
  • Unique design & color
  • 1-Year Massive Warranty.

Frequency Asked Questions

Q1.Is Boult Audio a Chinese company?

No, Boult Audio is an Indian company it is Delhi based electronic product manufacturing company.

Q2.Motorola pace 105 is compatible with iPhone?

Ans. Yes, Motorola Pace 105 Earphone is compatible with iPhone.

Q3.How many working days did Phillips take to replace damaged earphones?

Ans. Damage earphones cannot be replaced in a warranty, if you have bought from amazon then you can replace the earphones within 7 days.

Q4.Do u suggest realme buds or Motorola earphones? 

Ans. Both earphones are best according to their price if you need them you can choose both of them.

Q5.Which headphone is better Samsung and membrane?

Ans. Samsung Headphones are much better compared to Ambrane earphones.