What is Credit Score? How to Check Credit Score on payTm?

What is Credit Score? How to check credit score free on payTm App?

Today we are going to explain about Credit Score & why is it important? so that you do not face any problem while you Applying a credit card.

what is Credit score

the advantages and disadvantages of Credit Card are seen, it depends on your usage, If you use it properly then Credit cared is also very beneficial.

That’s why, you need to know about Credit Card and Credit Score for better uses & benefits, so lets know about it.

What is Credit Card ?

Credit cards is made of plastic piece in rectangular shape & can also be seen digitally on mobile, Banks or financial companies make them available to various people to buy goods on credit.

People buy goods on credit from this card, in return, the bank and financial company payback the money spent on the loaned goods in a fixed time and also take Charges and Interest on it.

In such a situation, credit cards are important when there is no money or if you want to take goods on credit.

Bank and financial company earn money from this Credit Card and people use Credit Card at the time of their need.

So, Credit card is important for this complete process.

What is Good Credit Score?

what is credit score? so Credit Score is a credit report card, credit score is given on the basis of the past loan repayment performance of any credit card customer.

In the Credit Score Report, information about the customer’s credit card debt, such as how much he borrowed, in what time he returned it, as well as whether there is any delay in returning the loan.

Customer loan & its repayment performance basis Credit Score has been decided, Whether he will get further loan or not depends on the credit score.

That’s why Credit Score is very important to take loan from any bank and financial company.

Credit Score is of three digits which is between 300-900, Now, what is good credit score india so, 700 Credit Score is considered good Credit Score for getting a Credit Card or any loan.

how to check credit score on PayTm?

PayTm is used by everyone and it is simple method to check Credit Score on Paytm for free by following some steps.

so lets know the step how to check credit score on payTm?

1.First of all you have to log in to PayTm App in mobile.

2.After that you have to scroll down and go to the Loan & Credit Cards section.

3.There will be a “Free Credit Score” option in Loan and Credit Card section, click on it.

4.Now your Credit Score will be Visible which will be of 3 digits out of 900.

It is the simple & free method to check out your Credit Score for free.

what is best credit score?

If you want to know what is the best Credit Score then, 700 to 750 is considered fair, 750 to 800 is considered good and more than 800 excellent credit score.

So keep your Credit Score above the 750 for best credit loan.

how to improve credit score ?

It is necessary to have a good credit score to take a loan or credit card, you can adopt some methods to improve the credit score.

First of all, you have to apply for a Credit Card from any small financial company or bank which give you easily, After that you get a Credit Card, then you will have to buy any goods on credit. Borrow as much stuff as you can repay on time.

If you repay the loan on time to time, then your Credit Score will improve.

When you repay the loan without missed any payment, then after three months your Credit Score will be updated & your credit score will be improve.


In this article, we have given you complete information about what is Credit Card and what is Credit Score which will be useful for you, I hope.

You must also apply for a credit card and take advantage of the benefits of the credit card.

After taking a credit card, make its repayment on time and keep your credit score better so that you can instant loan from the bank at the time of your need.