RO, UV, UF, TDS full form, Comparison: Best Water Purifier Technology?

Do you want to purchase Water Purifier? If you do not know about RO UV UF TDS’ full form & technology, then you may be choosing the wrong water purifier.

Therefore, before buying a water purifier, you must have complete information about RO, UV, and UF TDS, only then you can choose the right water purifier.

So today we are going to tell you what is the role of RO, UV, UF, and TDS in water purifier Technology & which water purifier is best for the home & area.

Because water is of different quality in each area and house, it is very important to know which water purifier technology is better for that area & home.

That’s why RO UV UF are technologies that play different roles in your water. TDS is used to check the quality of water. (Semi-Automatic vs Fully Automatic Washing Machine)

So let’s know about RO UV UF TDS which play an important role in water purifiers.

RO UV UF TDS Full Form & Means Uses in Water Purifier

RO UV FU TDS Full Form List

R.O. Full FormReverse Osmosis
U.V. Full FormUltraviolet
U.F. Full FormUltra Filtration
T.D.S. Full-FormTotal Dissolved Solids

RO Means in Water Purifier & Their Use

RO Full Form is Reverse Osmosis. RO means the separation of pure water and impurities.

Water contains a variety of waste materials such as soil, stones, and hard substances that impure the water. RO is used to separate it from the water.

When all these substances are separated from the water then the water becomes pure.

RO technology is used to separate all these hard substances from water.

In Ro, only the hard in the pure element is cleaned, for this water is passed through a very small hole by applying pressure through a tube.

The water comes out through these small holes and the hard substances are taken out through the second hole,

due to which all the hard substances are separated from the water and the water becomes potable & clean.

UV Means in Water Purifier & Use

UV full form is “Ultraviolet” UV technology is used to destroy micro-organisms in water.

There are many types of micro-organisms in water like bacteria, viruses, es, etc which play the biggest role in making us sick, these micro-organisms are destroyed by water.

UV technology is used to completely destroy these bacteria and viruses in the water and the water is become purified.

Electricity is used to create ultraviolet rays, which release these ultraviolet rays in a tube made of metal.

When a metal tube is struck by ultraviolet rays, water is passed through that tube.

While passing through the water, the ultraviolet rays destroy these micro-organisms and bacteria viruses are destroyed in the water completely.

In this way, UV technology plays a big role in purifying water.

UF Full Form, Means Use

UF full form is Ultrafiltration, This technique is also used to separate impure hard substances from water.

But the pores of the tube used in this are very large, and are unable to clean the water completely.

These techniques work in the same way as RO but they are finer hard stones and fail to filter them from the water.

Its cost is less and you can use it to clean the MCD Govt water supply and then clean water.

RO”Reverse Osmosis” Vs UV “Ultraviolet” Differences

RO technology is only used to clean hard materials.

In this, The RO membranes are very small to clean the substance.

It is useful for hard water like rivers or earth water.

it helps remove mercury, lead, chlorine, fluoride dangerous for people

It wastes a lot of water when removing hard material.

UV is used to kill viruses and bacteria.

In this, Ultra Violet rays are used to kill viruses and bacteria.

UV kills germs but they remain in the water, for removal of germs RO is used.

Chemicals are not used in this, due to which there is no difference in the taste of the water.

There is no wastage of water in this.

TDS Full Form & Why Use it in Water Purifier?

TDS stands for Dissolved Solids which is used to measure the number of impurities such as soil, pebbles, and germs.

viruses present in water. TDS shows whether the water you are using is potable or not.

Whenever you choose a water purifier, then you should check the TDS of the water coming into your area so that you can choose the right water purifier.

For this, we have given the table of which water purifiers should be taken according to TDS.

Which Purifier is the Best for You?

Which will be the best water purifier for you, it depends on the TDS of the water, for this, you can see the chart given below which is given by kent.

TDS LevelTypes of Purifier
0-200UV Water Purifier
200-300RO +UV Water Purifier
300-500RO +UV +UF
Source: Kent

In the above table, we have given the TDS quantity, according to that you can buy the best water purifier for you.

Frequency Asked Qustions

Q.Which is the best water purifier ro or uv?

Ans. Ro removes hard materials from water and UV kills germs, both have different functions, so a combination of both is technology is necessary for a water purifier.

Q.RO Vs UF Which is the best water Purifier?

Ans. Ro cleans the hard material from the water if compared to the UF then RO is the best water purifier.

Q.How much Minimum TDS is safe for drinking?

Ans. 50 to 150 TDS safe drinking water according to the bisleri brand.

Q.What is the difference between UV UF technology?

Ans. The difference between RO UV UF is below.
1. RO cleans both soil and bacteria from water.
2. UV kills the germs from the water.
3. UF Clean metal only from the water 25 TDS safe for drinking water?

Ans. Yes it is safe for drinking 25 TDS not harmful


In this article, we have told about Water Purifier technology, what is the difference between RO, UV, and UF.

what is the meaning of TDS? If you want to buy the right water purifier for you, then you should check the TDS of water in your area and choose the right water purifier.