[Cheap Print Cost] Best All in One Printer Under 5000

If you want to buy an Affordable Printer and their print cost should also be cheap, then we are going to tell you the best all-in-one printer under 5000, whose print cost is also cheap.

When we talk about cheap printers then we have to pay the very high paper print costs and when we talk about cheap print costs then we have to pay more cost for printers.

To solve this problem, we are going to tell you some such printers which you get at an affordable price and their print cost is also affordable and these printers come from a very good brand.

In these, all printers, you also get very good features with Photocopy, Scan and color printers, which make all these printers a value for money printer.

So without wasting time know which best printer for home use under 5000 which can be a better option for you.

List Of Best Printer Under 5000 in India

1.HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2338

.HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2338

In HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2338, you get to see much better features, this printer is all in one printer, in which you get to see all the features like Print Scan and Photocopy.

In this printer you get to see USB connectivity, with the help of which you can connect your computer to this printer, or the help of HP Smart App, you can also print from your mobile Which makes it easy to use.

In this, you can print all paper sizes like A4, A6, B5, Envelope and the productivity of this printer has been given much better, in which 7.5 PPM Black and 5.5 PPM Color print can be seen.

Now when it comes to its print cost, we get to pay Rs 1.65 for black print and Rs 5 per page for color, which can be quite cheap.

Main Specification

Brand ModelsHP Deskjet 2338
FunctionsPrint, Scan, Photocopy
Connectivity TypeUSB HP Smart App
Productivity Time7.5 PPM (Black) 5PPM (color)
Printer Paper SizeA4 A6 B5 Envelop
Print CostRs. 1.65 [Balck] Rs. 5 [Color]
Ink CartridgeHP 682 Buy Now

2.Canon Pixma E410 Inkjet Printer

Canon Pixma E410  Inkjet Printer

Canon is a very popular and trusted brand The brand printer is much affordable compared to the others, out of the Canon Pixma E410 All-in-One Inkjet Printer is the all in one printer under 5000

These printers are available on Amazon for less than 5000 prices range, in which you get to see features like print photocopy and scan, this printer comes with Auto power on also.

You get the ink of this printer at a very low cost, if you are looking for a good printer for students work or home businesses, then you must check out this printer from Canon brand.

USB 2.0 has been given for connectivity in it, with the help of which you can connect the printer to your PC, talking about its print cost, then Rs 1.60 for black print and Rs 4 for color print cost.

Main Specification
Brand/ModelsCanon Pixma E410
FunctionsPrint, Photocopy, Scan
TypeInk Efficient
Connectivity TypeUSB 2.0
Paper SizeA4
Productivity Time8PPM [Black] 4PPM [Color]
Print CostRs. 1.60 [Black] Rs.4 [color]
InkCanon Pixma E410 Ink Buy Now

3.HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2335

HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2335

HP Deskjet 2335 is the best affordable budget best printer under 5000 which is available in beautiful colors with a compact design. The front control panel is also given in this printer.

If you need to print at home and you want to avoid going to the Xerox store, then this printer can be a better option for you because in it you get to scan and quality printing along with a photocopy.

In this, you can print all sizes of paper like A6 A4 B5 and print quality is also much better if you talk about print speed, then it is capable of printing 7.5 PPM Black and 5.5 PPM color.

USB 2.0 wire connectivity has been given in this printer, with the help of which you can connect your PC and you can use this printer easily with the help of the HP Smart app.

These printers are multifunctional printers which come from HP Brand and the company also gives 1-year warranty on this printer.

Main Specification
Brand/ModelsHP Deskjet 2335
FunctionsScanner, Print, Photocopy
TypeInkjet Printer
Connectivity TypeWire USB 2.0
Paper SizeA6, A4, B5 Etc
Print Speed7.5 PPM [Black] 5PPM [Color]
Print CostRs. 1.65 [Black] Rs. 5 [Color]

4.Canon PIXMA E3370 Wireless Printer

Canon PIXMA E3370

If you want a printer with advanced features printer under 5000, then once you must checkout Canon PIXMA E3370, in this you get to see much better features at a lower price.

In this printer, you also get Wi-Fi Connectivity, with the help of you can print from mobile or desktop If your printer and Pc have long distances and also get USB connectivity.

In this, along with the print cost, the print speed is also much better, in which the black print cost is Rs 1.60 and the color is Rs 4, the print speed is 7.7 ppm black and 4 ppm color print speed.

These printers are quite suitable for home use as well as a small business, its weight is around 3 kg which is quite light and you can buy this printer from amazon with a 1-year warranty.

Main Specification
Brand/ModelsCanon PIXMA E3370
FunctionsScanner Print Copy
TypeInkjet Printer
ConnectivityWi-Fi, USB Wire
Paper SizeA4, A5 B6
Printer costRs. 1.65 [Black] Rs. 4 [Color]

All of the above are included in the best printers under 5000, which can be a better option for you, if your budget is around 5000, then you must check out these printers.

Reason for choosing best printer for home use under 5000

1.Save Time & Money

If you have to go to a xerox shop or cyber cafe again and again to print any document, Then you should choose these printers.

it will save the time which you spend going to shop and the print cost of the cyber cafe is also high, in that also you get to see money savings.

2.Student Or Home Business

These printers are a much better option for home businesses or for students because If the student needs some print about that assignment the student can do print at home.

you have a small business in which you have to print in small quantities then You can also use these printers.

3.Multiple Use at home

These are the best printers for home use India under 5000 this printer all in one printer like Photocopy scan, color print also every one need photocopy, print their document if you buy it the problem of that type you will solve.

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Frequency Asked Questions

What is the best printer with the cheapest ink cartridges?

Canon Pixma E410 is the best Printer under 5000 with the cheapest Ink Cartridges

What is the most cost-effective printer?

Canon PIXMA E3370 is the best printer under 5000 cost-effective printer

Are HP or Canon printers better?

HP Printer is better if looking graphic quality and Canon print natural-looking print, HP much cost compare to canon and canon give better feature at low cost.

Which printer brand is most reliable?

HP and Conon only the brand which gives you the best printer under the 5000 range both are very reliable brands.


If you are looking for the best Printer under 5000, we have told you better options for this price range in this article which can be much better for you, you must also read our Best Printer Under 3000, these printers are also very cheap and both of these trusted brands They are the same printers.