Top 3 Best Neckband Under 500 Rupees in India

Are you also searching best neckband under 500 rupees on google? Which also delivered decent sound with long battery life.

So we have brought some such neckbands for you which can be a much better option for you at this price.

All these Bluetooth earphones are related to decent brands and also come with a warranty.

There is no problem with Neckbands at the price of 500, if they are from a decent brand, then you must check out these Neckbands without confusion.

List of Best Neckband Under 500 rupees in India

1.pTron Tangentbeat

pTron Tangentbeat


Driver Size10 MM
Battery Life100 hours Standby
IPX4Sweat & Dustproof

pTron provides cheap Bluetooth earphones with better-built quality and features, pTron Tangentbeat is one of the best neckbands under Rs 500.

This Bluetooth neckband comes with Ergonomic Magnetic Earbuds, It is very light and looks very beautiful with a premium color design.

In this, the company has given 10 MM driver, which is sufficient at this price and is capable of presenting decent bass as well.

They come with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity which gives stable connectivity even in the 10-meter range.

It has been given multifunction hand-free control so that you can control call music and volume.

This neckband comes with IPX4 Sweat & Dustproof, and the company gives a 1-year warranty on it.

2.pTron Tangent Duo 

pTron Tangent Duo


Driver Size13 MM
Battery Life24 Hour
IPX4Sweat & Dustproof

On the second number also we have kept the PTron Tangent Duo of the PTron brand which is built quality fine and comes with magnet buds.

the company claims, Its battery life is 24 hours, but it gives you 12 hours of battery life if it is used on average volume.

Type-c charging support is not available at this price but in PTron Tangent Duo the company has given a type-c charger which is better at this price

Talking about its sound quality, a 13MM big driver has been given, but that is not product-loud sound, but if you look at the price of 500, then there is decent sound.

It has Bluetooth 5.2 and IPX4 sweat and dust-proof neckband which comes with 6 month warranty.

3.Amazon Brand – Solimo Wireless

Amazon Brand - Solimo Wireless


Driver10 MM
Battery Life15 Hours
IPX RatingN/A
Warranty12 Month

If your budget is less than 500 rupees and looking for a decent neckband, then Amazon Brand – Solimo Wireless can be a good option for you.

In this, the company provides Bluetooth earphone of two colors and designs, for which the price of blue color is around 450 and the price of gray around 400 rupees.

If we talk about the sound quality, then both are the same, bass is fine at look price of rupees 400.

Noise-canceling is negligible in this & cannot be expected for 450 rupees, It would have been better if the neckband had come with an IPX4 rating.

Compared to the price and features, there are decent neckbands, as well as the company also gives a warranty of 1 year.

Frequency Asked Question

Q1.Is PTron is a good company for neckbands?

Ans.Yes, pTron is a decent company if you look at the price and features. they delivered the best neckband at a competitive price.

Q2.Is neckband better than earphones?

Ans.Yes, Neckband is better convenient if compared to earphones, neckband is durable and long-lasting compared to wire earphones.

Q3.Which neckband is best Under 500?

Ans.If look at the list pTron Tangentbeat is the best neckband for under 500 Rupees.

Note: Price may be change according to time and amazon offer & deals