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Best Quality Sound Earphones Only Price 100 Only

Both expensive and cheap earphones are found in the market, which is according to their sound quality and built quality, but both earphones are used only for calling and enjoy music.

If you use earphones sometimes and you do not want to spend much on earphones then you can check out these earphones which are the best earphones under 100 rupees.

We have tried to include those best earphones in this which are a much better option at the price of around 100 rupees, which you can buy online from amazon.

Let’s then know about these earphones, what are their features and prices which make these earphones best in this price range.

List Of Best Earphones Under 100 Rupees

1.Generic Universal Earphone

This is Generic Universal Earphone which is priced at Rs 100, there may be a better option of best earphones under Rs 100 which you can buy for normal use.

These earphones look quite premium in white color, in which 3.5 mm audio jack has been given which can also be used in all types of smartphones.

It has an in-line control button, with the help of which you can push/play the music track and can also receive or disconnect the phone call.

It has an in-built microphone which gives you a much better calling experience, this earphone is very light and its buds can also be called very comfortable.

Main Features
  • 3.5 mm Universal Earphone.
  • Compatible for mobile, tablet, desktop.
  • In-line button control.
  • In-line Microphone
  • Price: 100

Verdict: All main features available in this earphone but not much sale on amazon so not saying confidently it’s better for you.
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2.Wired Durable Metal Earphones

This earphone is also a generic earphone that does not have any brand value but if you want a very good feature in 100 rupees then you can go for this earphone which is the best option at this price.

It has a dynamic driver mini speaker which gives you very good music and calling experience with balanced Noise Isolation sound which is quite good at this price.

This earphone has an intelligent microphone and in-line button control, which are quite convenient, with the help of these buttons you can change the music track and also attend/disconnect the call.

This earphone comes with a tangle-free cord, its earbuds are fit in-ear, it is also compatible for laptops and tablets with earphone mobile, its design looks quite premium.

Main Features
  • Dynamic Driver for balanced sound.
  • In-Line button control for music/Call.
  • In Built Microphone.
  • Compitible for mobile and tablet.
  • Price: 99

Verdict: If You are looking best earphones under 100 rupees and need the best feature with quality then you go with this earphone.
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3.Champ Gpr-411 Earphones

Champ Gpr-411 earphones, which costs a little more than Rs 100 and accordingly, better features are also seen in it, this earphone is the cheapest earphone of Ubon brand.

The design of this earphone is premium and lightweight, if we talk about audio quality in it, then it has a clear natural and rich bass sound quality experience which is quite attractive at this price.

It has an in-line control button, with the help of which you can control music and calls and an in-built microphone has been given which can be easily used during calling and music.

It gets a tangle-free cable which is quite good at this price and a 3.5 mm universal audio jack is available which is also compatible with computer laptop tablets.

Key Specification
  • Rich natural clear sound quality.
  • In-line control button for music/call.
  • In-line microphone.
  • Tangle free long lasting cable.
  • 3.5 Universal Audio jack compitible with device.
  • Price:130

Verdict: Tangle-free cable is available in this earphone, this earphone comes from the Ubon brand so that its quality can be called good this earphone may best earphones under 100.

Why Choosing these earphones?

  1. Calling

2. Music

If you do not use many earphones and want to take earphones only for normal use like music and calling, then you can choose this earphone.

How should I take care of these earphones.

These things should be kept in mind while taking these earphones.
1. Don’t Keep in Pocket
These earphones should never be kept in the pockets of pants or jeans as they are very delicate which can easily break or get tangled.

2. Keep Right Place Carefully
Take care of these earphones properly, meaning you should keep them in the right place in the right way so that you can use them for a long time.

3. Protect from dust/Water
Keeping these earphones away from dust, soil, or water, their quality is not much better and they can easily get damaged due to this cause.

Frequency Asked Question

Q1.Are cheap earphones good?

Ans. If your budget is very low and you want to buy earphones for normal use, then cheap earphones can be a good option for you, in this also you get a good microphone with sound quality.

Q2.Which is the best earphone under 100 rupees?

Ans. If you look in our list, Champ Gpr-411 earphones can be a much better option, which costs a little more than Rs 100, but in this, you get to see the good sound quality with tangle-free cable.

Q3.Where can I buy cheap earphones?

Ans. You can buy these earphones online on amazon India you can click buy now then you move on amazon India then you can check out and buy them.

Q4.Are earphones harmful?

Ans. If you use earphones for a long time and in loud voice, then this earphone can be harmful to you, so it should be used properly.


This earphone can be a much better option for you if you are searching for the best earphones under 100 earphones online. We have included all these earphones for you from the internet so that you can choose the right earphones for you in less time.